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New logo rings in new era – and couple


For the first time in 15 years, sources has a new nameplate. It's designed by Managing Editor Brandi Dickman. who's also our Subject Index Editor, Production Manager, Book Review Editor, Creative Head special researcher and much more.

The creative improvements in sources' layout and typography in the past three years have been almost exclusively Brandi's work, as is the Fifteenth Anniversary logo.

Only those who have tackled such an assignment can properly appreciate how many hours are absorbed in the seemingly simple process of designing a new nameplate (in this case, in six variations). One that uses Optima and Future, that works not only in all conceivable cover situations but also in letterhead and business card applications, on envelopes, in colour and black oral white, through illness and health, for richer or poorer, 'til death do it part

Speaking of wedding vows, Brandi exchanged them in June (after she gave birth to the nameplate, but it's all kosher) with Brad Kostynuik in a beautiful, moving ceremony under a co-operative rural sun an hour's drive west of Toronto.

Brad is a multi-talented artist and friend of sources. Besides being a teacher of art, Brad's a poet, comic (you may have heard Trouser Park on CBC Radio), musician and composer. His cartoons and other image creations have appeared in the pages of sources in the past couple of years.

We toast a truly creative couple.


Published in Sources, Summer 1992


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