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Van Press Club sets sights high


"GREAT WRITING is great research," award-winning journalist Roy MacGregor once told us.

As the publisher of one of the most useful companions of the researching journalist we couldn't agree more.

That's why we highlighted MacGregor's quote in our supportive advertisement in AWARD, the superior publication of the Vancouver Press Club Foundation. This year's version is a compelling 60-page tabloid.

As a former staffer of The Coast News on the Sunshine Coast and of The Province, we experienced equal parts admiration and nostalgia when we encountered the cover of AWARD. It's dominated by a dizzying colour photo of bridge painter Alan Gazo atop a tower of the Lion's Gate Bridge, with what seems most of the Lower Mainland in the background. (See photo on page WIN-17.)

Somehow the Foundation's award for the year's best photograph did not have to be presented posthumously to photographer Mark Van Manen.

As AWARD reported, "Van Manen followed Gazo to the tower top and started shooting. Van Manen said later: ‘As the cool wind started to calm me, I thought to hell with it, no point in coming all the way up here for half a picture. I unbuckled my safety line, walked out on the span to join Gazo and finally got the picture.’"

It was the height of accomplishment.



Published in Sources, Summer 1992


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