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So many of you have written to tell us how sources works for you, we've decided to share some of your letters. We'd also like to hear more criticisms and suggestions so we can continue to improve and expand sources.

So let us know what you're thinking. Send us a letter, and fill in the user response card at the back of this book.

We always look forward to hearing from you.

St. Thomas, Ontario
It's been almost three years since I was hired by London, Ont. radio stations CKSL-AM and Q103-FM to run their oneperson news bureau in nearby St. Thomas.

Here in one of Canada's smallest freestanding news operations, sources occupies a prized spot immediately underneath the phone book. It's the journalistic equivalent of a million-dollar Rolodex providing rapid access to people who count in government, business, academia, and special-interest groups.

In recent months, I've especially come to appreciate your Fame & Fortune section, with its exhaustive list of journalism awards. This compilation is invaluable to freelancers and employees of small media outlets, who are often overlooked on award mailing lists.

I'm pleased to report that my 1991 series on secrecy in local govemment has been recognized by six national and international awards . . . . I learned of all but two of these from your listings.

Sources is the software a journalist needs to bring home the hardware!

David Helwig
CKSLQ103 Radio

Toronto, Ontario
I am a writer with Financial Times of Canada, currently on leave to pursue studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology under the auspices of a Knight Science Journalism Fellowship. I learned about the fellowship through a friend who noticed the listing in sources, and for that I wish to thank you and your diligent staff. The directory plays an important role in the professional development of Canadian journalists, as I have come to appreciate first-hand.

Beppi Crosariol
Financial Tires of Canada


Ottawa, Ontario
Sources has been a useful and important research tool for Southam News correspondents for years. Our graphics Department frequently refers to sources when trying to find corporate logos.
The Parliamentary Names & Numbers section is an ideal supplement to the Parliamentary Guide because it offers some telephone numbers that the Guide omits, and because it is updated twice a year.

Kirsten J. Smith, Librarian
Southam News

Westmount, Quebec
I very much appreciated Embassy Row in you last edition. It has been extremely helpful. Please continue it!

Aleli Balagtas, Research
Reader's Digest (Canada) Ltd.

Dollard des Ormeaux, Quebec
Since I have been often called to write and speak on many subjects, particularly in Canada and the U.S., I appreciate the help of your publication as a mine of reference.

Paul H. Pouliot
The West Island Suburban

Toronto, Ontario
From sources we're able to tap a lot of information on government and private organizations which would normally take us a number of phone calls to make.

We hope your organization will continue to provide this much-needed source book for media staff.

Patty C. Rivers, News Editor
The Catholic Register

Westmount, Quebec
Let me tell you how much help sources is for my research and how much I use it. I can't imagine doing research without having my sources always at hand, and pity the person who dares remove it from my desk!

Wadad Bashour
Research Editor, Special Books
Reader's Digest (Canada) Ltd.

Burlington, Ontario
As a corporate publisher for same of Canada's leading companies, we find sources to be invaluable for checking facts and even more valuable as a source far quotes which offer an opposing and authoritative view, differing from that of our clients.

Our readership has expressed their gratitude in our ability to source out authorities on various business and social issues. We couldn't do that without sources.

Robert J. Morrow
Editor-in-Chief, Morrow C.A.C.P.
Corporate Publishers


Downsview, Ontario
Sources is a resource I couldn't do without.

Howard Solomon

Elora, Ontario
I have found sources an invaluable guide in gathering information through the years. It is greatly appreciated.

Vaughan Douglas

Westmount, Quebec
Sources just keeps getting better and better. Keep up the great work!

Ken Ramstead, Asst. Editor
Reader's Digest Magazines Limited

Burnaby, B.C.
I find sources an excellent tool for factchecking and research. One suggestion: that you include the numbers and addresses of government public affairs offices far the federal, provincial and territorial governments.

Michael McCullough
Assistant Editor
BC Business Magazine

Dear Michael,
A number of these are listed. You'll fund them in the subject index under "Canadian Government Departments" and "Provincial/Territorial Governments". We're working to expand the number.

Kentville, Nova Scotia
I find I use sources at least once per week to check an address, look up a phone number or find a contact person, particularly in the areas of social action since that is one of my major responsibilities.

I also appreciate the information about press awards and competitions.

Thanks for the excellent and up-to-date data available from your sources!

Michael A. Lipe
Editor and Manager
Atlantic Baptist

Camden East, Ontario
I certainly have used, and continue to use, sources in my work. Twice last week, as a
matter of fact.

Bart Robinson

Bath, Ontario
We are now in our 12th year of publishing Canadian MoneySaver. It is Canada's only personal finance magazine supported without advertising.

I am the publishing editor and have found sconces to be chock full of excellent leads.

Dale Ennis
Canadian MoneySaver

Hamilton, Ontario
Not only do I reach for your publication almost immediately upon receiving a story assignment, but I enjoy perusing it just to learn about how many obscure and sometimes bizarre information sources exist out there.

Carol Phillips
Associate Editor
Town Publishing Group

Scarborough, Ontario
The Business Reference department of Caswell produces a number of newsletters and other publications for business readers across Canada. Our editors have appreciated receiving sources in the past and look forward to receiving the next updated version.

The directory is easy-to-use and well-indexed.My only recommendation would be to continue to expand the number of organizations/sources listed.

Laurie Blake, Supervising Editor
Business Reference, Carswell

Don Mills, Ontario
We appreciate the tremendous assistance sources gives us in quick access to necessary information contacts.

Keep up the good work!

Bonnie Toews, Editor
Canadian Transportation Logistics

London, Ontario
I have found the directory to be a very fast and easy way to track down information.
Keep it coming.

Angela L. Smith
Managing Editor
Business Quarterly

Toronto, Ontario
Keep the sources coming! It's a friend indeed.

Maureen Littlejohn
Managing Editor

Don Mills, Ontario
Yes, I'm still here (sigh). Please don't cut me off; I would miss you terribly.

Ellen Lupu
Associate Editor, Superromance
Harlequin Enterprises Ltd.

Toronto, Ontario
This will confirm that the undersigned is self-employed. occasionally gainfully, as a researcher and sometimes writer. Occasionally as an editor.

Although this situation is not something the undersigned usually admits to, every couple of years he must do so in writing in response to your enquiries. (Perhaps these enquiries will cause him to reconsider his vocation. Perhaps that will have the same effect on thousands of others. Could that be your intention?)

Whatever your motivation, it's always good to hear from a friend. Even if you don't write often, you do write regularly. Thanks for remembering me.

Julian Zuckerbrot, Freelancer
The Nature of Things, CBC

Wreck Cove, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia
Sources is valuably when I bevy a need and suggests areas that should have attention. You do a good job far us all.

Ronald Caplan Editor
Cape Breton's Magazine

Toronto, Ontario
We continue to find sources useful in researching articles. You're quite right in saying it's useful for browsing as well, acting as a catalyst for story ideas.

Don Marston
Associate Editor
Physician's Management Manuals

Vernon, B.C.
I've spent much of this past year working on a guide for new writers called Magazine Writing from the Boonies, published by Carleton University Press. In our book my co-author and I listed sources in our "Useful Books acrd Services" section.

Louise Donnelly

Winnipeg, Manitoba
Vary useful. Still a few gaps in corporate listings (Northern Telecom, for example).

Dave Wreford, Editor
Country Guide

Dear Dave,
Thanks. We've approached Northern Telecom to be listed but so far no luck. We'll try again.

Toronto, Ontario
Thanks for publishing sources. We find it very useful at Edges magazine. Keep up the good work.

Bill Staples, Publisher
Edges, New Planetary Patterns

Peterborough, Ontario
We find sources extremely useful.

Joy Manson
Managing Editor
Journal of Canadian Studies

Scarborough, Ontario
We've found sources to be extremely useful. It's a wonderful source book and it has proven very helpful on more than one occasion.

Robyn Craig
Permissions Editor
Prentice Hall Canada Inc.

Willowdale, Ontario
Sources has been incredibly useful to me over the past few years.

Jerry Zeidenberg, Editor
Canadian R&D Manager


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