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For he's a jolly good Southam Fellow


THIS IS AN INVITATION with a story in the middle.

To Southam Inc.'s credit, the Southam Fellowships program has so far been spared from the substantial cuts at the Southam Newspaper Group.

Southam continues to invest every year in the human potential of the Canadian journalism community, even when times are tough. (We're reminded of what the late great Marty Goodman, our managing editor when we worked at The Toronto Star, once said about the substantial cost of upgrading the skills and knowledge of editorial staff: "It's cheaper than going out of business.")

The 1993-94 Southam Fellows were chosen in May. Their names are found in The Owl, the lively newsletter published by the Fellows, as well as in THE WINNERS section of this edition of Sources. An owl is the Fellowship mascot.

Oddly, fewer applications have been received in recent years than previously. Oddly, because surely the prospect of a year off to study whatever one wishes at The University of Toronto at or near full pay must be as attractive as ever.

Your disobedient servant is a former Fellow who appreciated the opportunity at the time and looks back on the year (okay, it was 1967-68) as a life-changing experience. It turned out to be the first of three years he participated in the late Marshall McLuhan's legendary happenings in the old coach house quarters of the Centre for Culture and Technology.

Southam's director of human resources Tim Peters sent us former Fellows a letter the other day saying: "Publicity has been beefed up and will be again."

Peters added: "But Fellows report that testimonials from former Southam Fellows are by far the most convincing to prospective applicants. By autumn it will be time to talk to people about applying for 1994-95. Please help us expand awareness of the program by personally encouraging prospects to apply."

We don't know if this qualifies as "per-sonally encouraging" but we're saying right here that anyone who might be eligible but doesn't apply could be missing a tremendously enriching experience. Consider alone the friendships you'll make as a Junior Fellow of Massey College, especially with the other Southam Fellows in your year.

An ad inviting applications is published on page WIN-22. Take a look at it. Think about it. Better still, resolve to apply. At least send for materials. You never know your luck.


Published in Sources, Summer 1993

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