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Introducing Dean Tudor


BOUNDS is what our fortune knows nothing of. Dean Tudor, arguably Canada's leading expert on information retrieval, has begun serving as Informatics Consultant to Sources.

To read Dean's introduction to the premiere edition of Sources SELECT RESOURCES (see pages tabbed SELECT RESOURCES), or his review in SSR of the Data Access disk, is to appreciate his grasp of the field, as well as his enthusiasm for it. His never-flagging interest in information retrieval is tempered, however, by a critical mind always alert to the purposes of the information-seeker and the value of the information seeker's time.

Informatics is (Collins) a tighter way to say "information science." Being invented and a relatively new word it reflects the changing, merging, interleaved fields of information,
automated dissemination, computerization, what-have-you.

Dean's command of the field is reflected also in his new book Finding Answers: Approaches to Gathering Information, published in January by McClelland & Stewart and reviewed from galley proofs in the previous edition of Sources.

Helping to keep Dean aware of the needs of the non-expert are his journalism students at Ryerson Polytechnic University, to whom he teaches courses in Canadian news media and information resources for journalists. He also teaches the Certificate in Information Studies at the same university, where he was formerly chairman of the Library Arts Department.

Informatics is just one of the subjects Dean knows well. Among his six books are Cooking for Entertaining; Wine, Beer and Spirits; and Popular Music. He edits the newsletters Ragtimer and The Grapevine. He reviews books for more than two dozen publications in North America and the United Kingdom. As if this isn't enough he operates his own consulting firm, Gothic Epicures.

He's won seven awards including the American Library Association's Outstanding Reference Book of the Year (for Cooking for Entertaining).

As a person he's one of the most down-to-earth, supportive, approachable people you could meet. It's both a pleasure and a privilege to work with him. Do not lay any failure of Sources to advance sufficiently in comprehensiveness, user-friendliness or relevance at Dean's doorstep.


Published in Sources, Summer 1993


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