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The sources staff they are a changin'

1994 SEES MORE CHANGES at Sources than ever before.

New faces include R&D Associate Richard Simm who recently has overseen the choice, purchase and installation of a half-dozen new computers, new printers including a 600 dpi-QMS, Windows For Workgroups, and more. A specialist in electronic Bulletin Board Systems, he will oversee the installation of the Parliamentary Names & Numbers database online. He also heads research and development of other electronic services for the company.

Mike McErlean comes to the new position of General Manager/Circulation Promotion Manager at Sources from Decker Periodicals Inc. of Hamilton, Ont., where he managed a 500% growth in subscribers in two years. In the new position he's responsible for overall co-ordination of activities and for promoting and fulfilling paid and controlled distribution. He will co-ordinate marketing and sales, and becomes an assistant financial officer. He also becomes Publisher of the stand-alone Parliamentary Names & Numbers.

Apart from the Publisher, the longest-serving person at Sources is Tracy Blyth. She started in 1982 and worked her way to Associate Publisher. Tracy is taking over Display Advertising and Sponsorship sales, a mandate being vacated by Philomena Stevanovic. Tracy will retain her important client services role, especially communicating with the liaison people in the organizations listed in this directory.

Outgoing is Managing Editor Brandi Dickman, who recently became a new mother and whose contribution to the current edition was as Subject Index Editor. During Brandi's maternity leave former Assistant Managing Editor Susan Clarke became Creative Head, Head of Production Susan now takes over the job of Managing Editor.

Listings Sales Research and Co-ordination of Listings Sales were tasks performed for this edition by Katie Kaufman, who also was Co-ordinator of SOURCES SELECT resources and Editorial Consultant. Andrew Thompson, who joined us as an Account Manager for this edition, has been retained to research and co-ordinate listings sales for 1994. You could widen the smile on this Newfoundlander's face by calling or faxing him [see masthead for numbers] to suggest organizations you think should be listed.

In October Chief Financial Officer Indra Samlal departed on a leave of absence. Her functions are being distributed to Stacey Cohen, to the Publisher and to Mike.

Erstwhile Assistant to the Publisher Stacey has evolved into a multi-tasking dervish who juggles production-oriented work, invoicing, payables, editorial duties, dealing with our various publics, and more.

Chris Sanderson, who had worked on an occasional basis for Sources in the past few years, joined the company full time in the Fall as Administrative Assistant. Another all-around dervish, he becomes Assistant Circulation Manager and whatnot.

Mark Douglas is the newest addition, breaking away a couple of days a week from his English classes at The University of Toronto to assist with the seemingly endless work that publishing a directory entails.


Published in Sources 33, Winter 1993/1994

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