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By Dean Tudor


Here are some interesting magazines to take a look at (although, when you search the Internet, you will find FREE electronic journals, newsletters and magazines to read; some of these are originals, others are electronic reprints such as Mother Jones:

  • CompuServe Magazine, published monthly for the past dozen years, available with membership but otherwise at $:10 a year. Recent topics have included online volunteerism (donating computer know-how), personal information managers (PIMS) and hooking up to computers, perfecting customized databases, investment guides and mutual funds, fan clubs and pets. It tries to explain how to use CompuServe and what new materials are available: how to get the most bang for your electronic buck. Many reader tips and advice are very helpful.
  • Information Highways (monthly) " the magazine for consumers of strategic electronic information", formerly known as Database Canada(e-mail:; snail mail: 162 Joicey Blvd., Toronto, Ontario, M5M 2V2). Under its new name, the first issue (October 1993) covered "electronic" press clipping services and their future, as well as Free-Nets. Bonnie Burwell and Jim Carroll are regular columnists. There are reviews of new electronic sources and service enhancements, product comparisons, tips and advice, updates from the government and various sound-offs. But at $98 a year (plus GST). I'm going to read it at the library.
  • Internet World; the magazine and review for internet users(Meckler Corporation, 11 Ferry Lane West Westport. CT 06880; e-mail: was previously a newsletter. This bimonthly started in September 1993, and costs US $29. It has news, announcements of upcoming workshops, lots of advertising for books about the Internet and even lots of leading. Articles here concerned teenagers and the Internet, the disabled, the Boston Computer Society, hooking up to the Internet, training people, and resources on the Internet for learning about the Internet. Worth a look, at least for its tips and advice.


Published in Sources 33, Winter 1993/1994

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