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Reporter's Internet Survival Guide

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QuadNet Science Experts

Selected Online Information Sites and Services/Government

Cannon's Guide to Canadian Government Information

Clamen's Guide to Canadiana

National Library of Canada Information Pages

Canadian Government Information Explorer

National Atlas Information Service of Canada

Canadian Legal Resources

Open Government Project

Privacy Commissioner of Canada

Provincial Web sites

Quebec Government

Public Works and Government Services Canada WWW site

Statistics Canada WWW site

Selected Online Information Sites and Services/Journalism & Censorship

Freedom of Expression Links

Index on Censorship

Newspapers, Magazines, and News Services on the Net

Progressive Publications

Project Censored Canada

Web Resource Guide for Journalists

Selected Print Directories and Indexes

Alternative Press Index
An index to alternative and radical periodicals
Alternative Press Center
P.O. Box 33109 Baltimore MD 21218 USA
(410) 243-2471 FAX: (410) 235-5325
$35/yr, ISSN 0002-662X

Canadian Internet Handbook
Revised 1995 Edition
Carroll, Jim; Broadhead, Rick
Prenctice Hall
1995 912pp, $24.95, ISBN 0-13-373614-8

The Connexions Annual
A Sourcebook of Social and Environmental Alternatives
Connexions Information Sharing Services
1994, 224pp, $30, 0-9692751-2-9

Macrocosm USA
Possibilities for a New Progressive Era
Macrocosm USA
P.O. Box 969, Cambria CA 93428 USA
(805) 927-8030
1992 421pp $24.95 ISBN 0-9632315-5-3

Parliamentary Names & Numbers
(416)964-7799 FAX: (416)964-8763
Available in print ($29.95/yr) and online through Sources Select Online (BBS: (416)229-4465; World Wide Web:; Telenet:; FTP:

and of course,

(416)964-7799 FAX: (416)964-8763
Available in print ($45/yr; free to qualified journalists) and online through Sources Select Online (BBS: 416-229-4465; World Wide Web:; Telenet:; FTP:

Guides on Doing Research

Finding Answers
The Essential Guide to Gathering Information in Canada
Tudor, Dean
McClelland & Stewart
1994 308pp $19.99 0-7710-8637-7
Review of Finding Answers

Finding Canadian Facts Fast
A Guide to Survival in the Information Age
Overbury, Stephen
Methuen Publications
1985 191pp $19.95 0-458-99150-3

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