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From the Desk of the Circulation Manager

As Circulation Manager I get to see first-hand the responses of subscribers to Sources and Parliamentary Names & Numbers (our other publication). Whether by phone, fax or letter or E-mail, I get to hear what you guys think about how we're doing. Many of your submissions get posted on the fridge and bulletin board to be shared with the rest of the staff. We use your suggestions. So keep those letters, E-mails, phone calls and faxes coming and we'll keep giving you better service.

Here's just a sampling of what you've had to say:

I have been using an old copy of Sources since Barrie Zwicker handed them out to our journalism class at Ryerson Polytechnic University.
What a resource! It's helped me immeasurably in my own work now as a freelance news correspondent for a couple of small community papers.
I would love to receive an up-dated copy and understand that this starving journalist does not have to pay. Hurrah!
Natalie Cajic

I am writing to inquire if you could send us a copy of your directory of contacts for reporters for our radio station. CFXU is a small station, and one sadly lacking in funding, resources, and contacts. We could greatly use the directory to rebuild our news staff's resources.
Crispin Cormect
CFXU 690am

Could you please send me a free copy of Sources. I'm a journalist, working full-time at CJBQ Radio here in Belleville where I do morning news. I'm also working on a couple of freelance video documentary proposals, for which your directory would prove to be invaluable.
Gerry Fraiberg
CJBQ Radio

I am delighted to hear that Sources is free to journalists, and can't wait to take advantage of the book's research-source listings which, I'm sure, will become indispensable.
Rich Letkeman
Freelance Writer/Editor

We desperately need a copy of Sources!
Marcie Williams
Production Coordinator

Life Network

I am a full time staff producer at Rogers Community 10 in Niagara Falls. Sources would be an incredible daily asset not only to myself but to my other co-workers.
Mark Bennett
Daytime Producer

Rogers Community 10 Niagara

My name is Marie-Paul Rouleau. I'm the announcer-producer of Boréal Hebdo, a French magazine program broadcast in Northern Québec by CBC North - Québec for the James Bay and Nunavik regions.
As a "one woman show", I do all the research, writing & interviewing for my program. I often have to speak to various people across Canada on different subjects; Sources would help me find them more quickly. Even though, Boréal Hebdo is a French program, I often work in English on subjects related to aboriginal people.
Thanking you in advance for adding my name to your mailing list.
Marie-Paul Rouleau
Boréal Hebdo
CBC North - Québec

I just thought I'd make a comment on the Sources Web site - congrats!
I see a lot of Web sites come and go, and everyone is trying to grab my attention, but I came across your site after reading about it in Sources. You've done a nice job - it's clean, crisp, well laid out - but not only that, you've got a damned simple, easy to understand method of allowing one to search the Sources directory. Keep up the good work!
Jim Carroll
Author, Canadian Internet Handbook

Both publications are a boon to my field - public administration!
Chantal Carstens
Freelance Editor

I'm a journalist working temporarily at Canadian Living writing freelance medical briefs for the magazine's new health section and it would make my life so much easier if I had a copy of Sources by my side. The subjects I write about are spread out from coast to coast, and I need your help to find them!
Maria Calabrese
Canadian Living

Parliamentary Names & Numbers is more current, more informative and more useful than more-expensive directories, and it gets significantly better with each edition. The subject index is a particularly useful and unique feature. Both PNN and Sources are indispensable references for anyone involved in research, journalism or advocacy in Canada.
David Hunt
Don't Tax Reading Coalition

PNN is just what an Ottawa-based writer need to cut through ribbons of bureaucracy in order to get to the head honchos. Thanks.
Shannon Lee Mannion

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