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You'll find some changes in this issue of Sources.

This book is slimmer, because two sections that used to be included in the print edition of Sources are now to be found elsewhere.

Fame and Fortune, our comprehensive listing of journalism awards, prizes, fellowships, grants and exchange programs, is now available exclusively on the Sources Web site at Fame and Fortune has always been a popular feature, but, precisely because it is so comprehensive, requiring 20 to 30 pages an issue, it adds noticeably to the book's printing and mailing costs. Since the vast majority of journalists now have ready Internet access, we decided that we could, in good conscience, make Fame and Fortune available only in electronic form. For those of you who still like having a printed version to leaf through, we're making Fame & Fortune available online not only in an HTML version, but also as a PDF that you can download and print if you wish.

The other section of Sources that has migrated elsewhere is Embassy Row, our listing of Embassies, High Commissions and Consulates to Canada. From now on, Embassy Row will appear in Sources' sister publication, Parliamentary Names & Numbers. Our listing of Canadian Embassies Abroad has always been part of Parliamentary Names & Numbers, and it seems only logical that the Embassies to Canada section should join it there.

If you have a need for government-related information, and you don't  subscribe to Parliamentary Names & Numbers yet, this is the time to consider doing so. The Summer 2004 edition features the complete results of the June 28th federal election and the resulting governmental changes. It also lists all provincial legislators and provincial government ministries, all federal ministries, agencies, and crown corporations, all Senators and federally registered lobbyists, and it's all comprehensively indexed. For $75 a year, you get both the Winter and Summer print editions, as well as online access to the continuously updated online version. And, of course, you get Embassy Row, in print and online.

Because printing costs keep rising, and because most of our users have easy access to Sources on the Internet, we have also decided that it reasonable at this time to limit the free distribution of the print version of Sources. We are continuing to supply free copies to our major media partners with whom we have bulk distribution arrangements, but we are now asking individual recipients who want copies mailed to them individually to cover the cost of printing and mailing. Providing individual copies accounts for the bulk of our printing and mailing expenses: it costs us $19.74 to send you two copies a year, so we are asking individual recipients who still prefer to use the print version instead of, or in addition to, the free Internet version, to cover that cost.

Use of Sources on the Internet has been increasing constantly. If you aren't using regularly, we invite you to visit the site and discover for yourself all that it offers. We're continuing to upgrade the site with new features, including a news release section and new search options. Check it out!

And please let us know what you think of Sources - what you like, what you think could be improved. We love hearing from you.

Ulli Diemer

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