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Twentieth National Magazine Awards


Gold: Wendy Dennis, "The Divorce from Hell," Toronto Life.
Silver: Georges-Hébert Germain, "Beyrouth aux 17 civilisations," L'actualité.

Honourable Mentions:
Sally Armstrong, "Journey Home," Homemaker's Magazine.
Shawn Blore, "Give Them Enough Rope," Vancouver.
Lynn Crosbie, "Last Words," This Magazine.
Louise Gendron, "La physique selon Star Trek," L'actualité.
Jason Shermon, "The Prize," This Magazine.

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Gold: Ken Hegan, "When Will the Mayhem End?" The Georgia Straight.
Silver: Charles Gordon, "The Naked Lunge," Cottage Life.

Honourable Mentions:
Steve Burgess, "Still Seeking Special Someone," Vancouver.
Michael Coren, "The Writer, the Jaguar and the Angry Mob," Financial Post Magazine.
Russell Smith, "Theatre for the Absurd," Flare.
Vivian Smith, "Trophy Husbands," Elm Street.

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Gold: Ian McGugan, "Eaton's on the Brink," Canadian Business.
Silver: Jean Benoît Nadeau, "La vérité sur le fonds de solidarité," L'actualité.

Honourable Mentions:
Matthew Hart, "A boom of one's own," Canadian Business.
Edward Kay, "Trauma in Real Life," Report on Business Magazine.
Kenneth Kidd, "Consumers: An Endangered Species," Report on Business Magazine.
Jean Benoît Nadeau, "Maudits cocons!," L'actualité
Ian Portsmouth, "The Trial of Ray Lewen," Profit.
Danielle Thibault, Jacinth Tremblay, Gilles Lajoi, "L'homme qui veut être Paul Desmarais," Revue Commerce.
Jennifer Wells, "The Prince of Papers," Maclean's.

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Gold: Mark Witten, "Outbreak on 14 North," Saturday Night.
Silver: Chalotte Gray, "Gimbling with Medicare," Saturday Night.

Honourable Mentions:
Allen Abel, "Out With a Bang," Saturday Night.
Wayne Grady, "Time and the River," Toronto Life.
Taras Grescoe, "Murder, he mapped," Canadian Geographic.
Taras Grescoe, "The Mind's Grey Matters," The Georgia Straight.
Michel Groulx, "Les secrets de la conscinece", Québec Science.
Michel Groulx, Claude Lafleur, "Sommes-nous seuls?" Québec Science.
Yanick Villedieu, "Qui gagne: La médicine ou le cancer?," L'actualité.


Gold: Colin Faulkner, "Depth Perception," Toronto Life Fashion.
Silver: Chris Nicholls, "The Right Stuff," Toronto Life Fashion.

Honourable mentions:
Chris Chapman, "Missing purses etc." Toronto Life Fashion.
Dan Couto, "Ice Box Beauty," Images.
Chris Nicholls, "Ultra Violet," Images.
Shun Sasabuchi, "Cool Style," Toronto Life Gardens.
Andreas Trauttmansdorff, "Summer Blues," Tornto Life Gardens.
Robert Wigington, "The Perfect Pear," Elm Street.


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Gold: Marc Stewart, Chris Nicholls, Jimmy Moorhouse, "White Haute," Wedding Bells.
Silver: Denis Desro, Raphael Mazzucco, Annie L. Horth, M. Claude Morais, "le désir," Elle Québec.

Honourable mentions:
Brad MacIver, Dimitri Mavrikis, Catherine Franklin, "Simplicity Rules," Toronto Life Fashion.
Brad MaIver, Chris Nicholls, Alex Gosse, Catherine Franklin, Brush Strokes," Toronto Life Fashion.
Jean-Marc Martin, André Panneton, Natalie Sigouin, "Touches Magiques," Mariage Québec.
Karen Simpson, Chris Nicholls, John Sobierajski, "Al Night Long," Images.
Karen Simpson, Floria Sigismondi, Janinin Metcalfe, "Seventies Syndrome," Images.
Marc Stewart, Chris Nicholls, Jimmy moorhouse, "Night in White Satin," Wedding Bells.

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Gold: Don Gillmor, "The Punishment Station," Tornto Life.
Silver: Daniel Wood, "No Exit," Vancouver.

Honourable mentions:
Ian Austen, "Blood Bath," Elm Street.
Derek Finkle, "Doing Bernardo's Time," Saturday Night.
Naomi Klein, "Frum Left To Right," Elm Street.
Micheline Lachance, "L'ecole: Zéro en histoire," L'actualité.
Micheline Lachance, "les juges au banc des accusés," L'actualité.
Marci McDonald, "Is God a Woman?," Macleaan's.
Jean Benoît Nadeau, "Autoroute de la santé: Attention virage dangereux," L'actualité.
David Wilson, "The life and death of Irwin Anderson," The United Church Observer.


Gold: George Kock, "The Cross," Saturday Night.
Silver: Carole Beaulieu, "Israel: La paix de Salomon," L'actualité.

Honourable mentions:
Cristina Campbell, "Tipping off the Metro Toronto Housing Authority," Toronto Life.
Brett Dawson, "Funny Money," This Magazine.
Derek Finkly, "Doing Bernardo's Time," Saturday Night.
Georges-Hébert Germain, "Le trou de Babel," L'actualité.
Jan-Pierre Rogel, "Le nucléaire tue encore," Québec Science.
Ian McGugan, "Eaton's on the brink," Canadian Business.
Isabel Vincent, "The Most Powerful 13-year-old in the World," Saturday Night.
Mark Witten, "Outbreak on 14 North," Saturday Night.


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Gold: Ed Burtynsky, "Tailings," Canadian Art.
Silver (tie): Edward Gajdel, "A Trip in Time," Cottage Life, and Ivaan Kotulsky, "No fixed address," Toronto Life.

Honourable mentions:
Donigan Cumming, "Pictures of an Exhibitionist," Saturday Night.
Steven Evans, "Time and the river," Toronto Life.
Roger Lemoyne, "Black Crows Singing," Border Crossings.
Graham Osborne, "The Norther Rockies," Beautiful British Columbia.
George Pimentel, "Room Service," Flare.
Carl Valiquet, "Un Noël en Provence," enRoute.


Gold: John Metcalf, "Forde Abroad," The New Quarterly.
Silver: David W. Henderson, "Remembering Manuel," Grain.

Honourable mentions:
Sally Ito, "Shrine Maiden," The Capilano Review.
Maria Mutch, "Hot Hot Day," The Malahat Review.
Gilbert Reid, "Pavilion 24," Descant.


Gold: David Layton, "Irving Layton, Leonard Cohen, and Other Recurring Nightmares," Saturday Night.
Silver: Brian D. Johnson, "22 Minutes for High Schticking," Maclean's

Honourable mentions:
André Ducharme, "La fée des métamorphoses," L'actualité.
Derek Finkle, "A Vow of Silence," Saturday Night.
Robert Hough, "Crash and burn," Toronto Life.
Nami Klein, "Frum Left To Right," Elm Street.
John Lekick, "The Ballroom's Modest Prince," The Georgia Straight.
Martin Levine, "The lonesome death fo Richard Manuel," Toronto Life.
Pascale Millot, "La conquête dAvignon," L'actualité.

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Gold: Tim Saunders, "Rappsody in Bloom," Toronto Life Gardens.
Silver: Geoffrey James, "Déjà Voodoo," Canadian Art.

Honourable mentions:
Elaine Kilburn, "The home guide," Toronto Life.
Andreas Trauttmansdorff, "Ponds With Native Grace," Toronto Life Gardens.
Ted Yarwood, "True Romance," Canadian House & Home.


Gold: Stephen Smith, "Cherry's Better Half," Saturday Night.
Silver: André Désiront, "Enquête: la vie chachée des athlètes," Châtelaine.

Honourable mentions:
Erin Anderssen, "Strong body, big heart," New Brunswick Reader.
James Deacon, "Return of the King," Maclean's.
Brian Hutchinson, "Tough Guys Don't Dance," Saturday Night.
Roy MacSkimming, "Stapleton's Got the Puck," Saturday Night.
Michael McGowan, "10 Seconds is a Lifetime," Saturday Night.
Lise Ravary, "Arizona: Prise au lasso," enRoute.

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Gold: Peggy McCann, Water Sky," Event.
Silver: David Layton, "Irving Layton, Leonard Cohen, and Other Recurring Nigthmares," Saturday Night.

Honourable mentions:
Michel Arseneault, "Une femme dans le siècle," Elle Québec.
Matt Cohen, "The Tunnel of endless pleasure," Toronto Life.
Donald Graham, "Twilight of the Island Gods," The Georgia Straight.
Louis-Bernard Robitaille, "Un homme à la mer!" L'actualité!
Veronica Ross, "The Ugly Jewess," Prairie Fire.
Jamie Zeppa, "Jungle Fever," Saturday Night.


Gold: Nigel Dickson, "Crash and Burn," Toronto Life.
Silver: Jim Allen, "A Real Whopper," Saturday Night.

Honourable mentions:
Jean-François Bérubé, "L'échappée belle," Madame au foyer.
Ellen Brodylo and Mike Morrow, "Thank God for Chinooks," Candian Business.
Barbara Cole, "René Dupéré sans filet," enRoute.
Edward Gajdel, "Ben Heppner a Tenor for the World," enRoute.
Keith Moulding, "Bondville," Canadian Art.
Craig Richards, "Peter von Tiesenhausen's field of dreams," Canadian Art.


Gold: Veronica Cusack, "Charles Pachter/Life at the Balmoral/Hope for the Hoi Polloi," Toronto Life.
Silver: Gilles Marcotte, "Trois plaisirs de lire/Les deus plumes de maître Tougas/Le fantôme d'un grand conteur," L'actualité.

Honourable mentions:
Paul D'Angelo, "The Naked Truth/Murphy, schmurphy/Wilderness Paul's Fishin'Stuff," Outdoor Canada.
Mark Kingwell, "Men's night out/The uneasy chair/A funny thing happened at the CBC," Saturday Night.
David Olive, "Listening to Québec/Right Makes Fright/The Ugly Executive," Report on Business Magazine.
Bill Richardson, "Infernal Voice Mail/Licking Whipped Cream/Memories Stir of Waltz's End," The Georgia Straight.
Judith Timson, "Welcome to the Teen Olympics!/The terror lottery/Our so-called social lives," Chatelaine.
Kenneth Whyte, "No pain, no pain/Campbell's suit/Why Johnny can't sing," Saturday Night.


Gold: Chantal Éthier, "L'rréductible âme Corse," Châtelaine.
Silver: Allen Abel, "Up a Lazy River," Saturday Night.

Honourable mentions:
Joan Bodger, "Desert Sighs," Saturday Night.
Tom Koppel, "The Spirit of Haida Gwaii," Canadian Geographic.
Lise Ravary, "Arizona: Prise au lasso," enRoute.
Lawrence Scanlan, "Why Humans Love Horses," Equinox.
Timothy Taylor, "My Old Man and the West Coast Trail," Western Living.
Alison Wearing, "Pentecost," Queen's Quarterly.


Gold: Rick Sealock, "Cutting Remarks," Canadian Living.
Silver: Wendy Wortsman, "Home Thoughts," Imperial Oil Review.

Honourable mentions:
Barry Blitt, "Last of the red hots," Saturday Night.
Mike Constable, series, Saturday Night.
Joseph Salina, "Great Cottage Inventions," Cottage Life.


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Gold: Diane Forrest, "I am Joe's Mosquito," Cottage Life.
Silver: Catherine Collins, "The End of the Road," Cottage Life.

Honourable mentions:
James Chatto, Margaret Swaine, "The food and wine guide," Toronto Life.
Pierre Lacerte, "Fonds mutuels: Les banques contre-attaquent," Affaires PLUS.
Staff, Fall Preview, TV Guide.
Alan Vintar, Jacquelyn Waller-Vinter, "The Pet Guide," Toronto Life.


Gold: David Zimemr, Jane Rodmell, "When the going gets tough the tough get cooking," Cottage Life.
Silver: Patrick Lima, "The Ornamental Kitchen Garden," Toronto Life Gardens.

Honourable mentions:
John and Lindsay Beaudry, Ron Frenette, Rod Frost, Russell Zeid, "Make your sign a cottage classsic," Cottage Life.
Marjorie Harris, "The Ultimate Vine," Toronto Life Gardens.
Lorraine Johnson, "Ponds With Native Grace," Toronto Life Gardens.
Chris Knowles, Mark Groshens, "High as a Kite," Cottage Life.


Gold: Mordecai Richler, " A Clear and Present Danger, " Saturday Night.
Silver: Sylvia Fraser, "Girl, must be accurate," Toronto Life.

Honourable mentions:
Jamie Bond, "Crazy for You," Hamilton Magazine.
Annick Duchatel, "Mensonges sous la couette," Elle Québec.
Gary Geddes, "A terrible beauty, or how you can't go back to where you've never been," Border Crossings.
Myrna Kostash, "Resiliencys, Medicine Line Crossing," Border Crossings.


Gold: Equinox, "Glamour Puss."
Silver: Canadian Businss, "Divorce, where is thy sting?"

Honourable mentions:
Canadian Geographic, "Mingan Islands."
Cottage Life, "The Perils of Summer."
Vancouver, "The Stars and Us."

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Gold: Christian Northeast, "Missed Conception," Images.
Silver: Joseph Salina, "The New Racists," The Next City.

Honourable mentions:
Kathy Boake, "The mother of all problems," Saturday Night.
Amanda Duffy, "Besting Bouchard," Report on Business Magazine.
Amanda Duffy, "Coming Clean," Report on Business Magaine.
Anita Kunz, "A Vow of Silence," Saturday Night.
Greg Mably, "Thinking Tech," Meetings and Incentive Travel.
Alain Pilon, "Poached Egg on Toast," Saturday Night.
Joseph Salina, "Mickey Muscles In," The Financial Post Magazine.
Joseph Salina, "Sheila, your show is slipping," Saturday Night.


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Gold: Sandra Martin, "In your face," Toronto Life.
Silver: Luc Chartrand, "L'affaire Roux," L'actualité.

Honourable mentions:
Katherine Govier, "Surviving Harvey," Toronto Life.
Brian Hutchinson, "Tough Guys Don't Dance," Saturday Night.
David Macfarlane, "Gzowski's Last Stand," Maclean's.
Marci McDonarld, "Rex of the Rock Ponders Canada," Maclean's.
Johanna Schneller, "Izzy's Dream," Maclean's.
Michel Vastel, "Prisonnier du pouvoir," L'actualité.


Gold: Bryan Gee, "Rumblings from the Belly of the Monster," MIX.
Silver: Barbara Solowan, "Olmsted, Photography and the Democratic Pastoral," Canadian Art.

Honourable mentions:
Carmen Dunjko, "A day in la la la land," Saturday Night.
Bryan Gee, "Black Pacific," MIX.
Stephen Hanks, "Aerial Impressions," Canadian Geographic.
Sandra Latini, "Time and the river," Toronto Life.
Sandra Latini, "No fixed address," Toronto Life.
Brad MacIver, "The Road to Marfa," Canadian Art.
Karen Simpson, "Missed Conception," Images.

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Gold: Bryan Gee, "Fallout," MIX.
Silver: Alice Unger, "Gorgeous Hardy Roses," Toronto Life Gardens.

Honourable mentions:
Andreas Heidebrecht, "In the Boreal Forest," Canadian Geographic.
Sandra Latini. , "1966," Toronto Life.
Andrée Lauzon, "Septembre 1996," Clin d'oeil.
Rachel Muir, "(Post) Modern Living," Venue.
Karen Simpson, "Fall 1996," Images.
Barbara Solowan, "The Legacy," Canadian Art.

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Gold: Sandra Latini, "No brainer," Toronto Life.
Silver: Bryan Gee, "Mark Splatter Spray," MIX.

Honourable mentions:
Debbie Adams, Martin Riess, "Ann Mortimer," Ontario Craft.
Renée Grégoire, "Elle aime," Elle Québec.
Diti Katona, "Summer Reading," Azure.
Sandra Latini, "Crash," Toronto Life.
Carol Moskot, "Bankruptcy," This Magazine.
Giselle Sabatini, "Is God a Woman?" Maclean'.s
Alice Unger, "Autumn Glory," Toronto Life Gardens.

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Gold: John Macfarlane, Sandra latini, Ivaan Kotulsky, "No fixed address," Toronto Life.
Silver (Tie): Rosa Harris-Adler, Donigan Cumming, "Pictures of an Exhibitionist," Saturday Night, and Ann Vanderhoof, Charles Wilkins, Steve Manley, Edward Gajdel, "A trip in time," Cottage Life.

Honourable mentions:
Meredith Bain Woodward, Linda Lewis, Nicky Middleton, Paul vanPeenen, "The Donation of Love," Today's Parent.
Brian Banks, David North, Donna Braggins, Perry Zavitz, "Post modernist," Canadian Business.
Moira Farr, Janice McLean, Alan Carruthers, "What's My Line?" Equinox.
Ian McGugan, Donna Braggins, James Sayley, Terry Bradley, "Cross Border Quiz," Canadian Business.
Sylvie Ruel, Jocelyne Fournel, Patrice Halley, "L'île masquée s'amuse," L'actualité.
David Trattles, Andreas Heidebrecht, Margaret Williamson, "Newfound Lives," Canadian Geographic.
Ann Vanderhood, Steve Manley, Joe Salina, Tony Fouhse, Wolf Kutnahorsky, J. Michael LaFond, Mick Coulas, Candace Lourde, Cottage Life staff, "Great Cottage Inventions," Cottage Life.
Ann Vanderhoof, Charles Wilking, Steve Manley, Edward Gajdel, "A Trip in time," Cottage Life.

Sponsored by Indas Ltd.

Gold: Ann Collins (handling editor) "Remember Toronto thirty years ago?" Toronto Life.
Silver: Nancy Gratham, Jamie Maw, Taras Grescoe, "Brand New You," Vancouver.

Honourable mentions:
Julie Barlow, Jean Benoît Nadeau, Carole Beaulieu, Louse Gendron, Luc Chartrand, "Québec Horizon 2000," L'actualité.
Carole Beaulieu, Paule Robitaille, Michel Arseneault, "Spécial Russie," L'actualité.
Jim Cormier (handling editor), Guy Saddy, "Do Computers Change How We Think?" Equinox.
Alan Moranta (handling editor), Garry Hamilton, "Stealing Nature's Secrets & Making Smarter Stuff," Equinox.
Ann Dowsett Johnston (handling editor), "Local Heroes," Maclean's.
Angie Gardos (handling editor), "The best and worst of the city," Toronto Life.
Jean-Marc Papineau, Jeanne Morazin, Valérie Borde, "ASIE: La frénésie des marchés," PLAN.



Honourable mention: In 2 Print


Shawn Blore

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Luc Chartrand, "L'affaire Roux," L'actualité.


Canadian Living

Honourable mention: Venue


James Ireland



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