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Twenty First Annual National Magazine Awards



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Gold: Carsten Stroud, "Beyond Sensible," The Financial Post Magazine.

Silver: Steve Burgess, "A band in all hope," Chatelaine.

Honourable Mentions:

Pierre de Billy, "Trop exigeantes, les femmes?" Châtelaine.

Joe Fiorito, "Get Real," Enroute.

Michael Rowe, Ron Oliver, "In Praise of Straight Men," Fab National.

Walter Stewart, "Crap Shift," Elm Street.


Gold: Andrew Clark, "At Wit's End," Saturday Night.

Silver: Danielle Laurin, "Hanganu: le jeu de l'ego," l'actualité.

Honourable mentions:

Luc Chartrand, "Le retour du cajun," l'actualité.

George Campbell Emerson, "The Channeler," Toronto Life.

Charles Foran, "Ghetto Blaster," Toronto Life.

Don Gillmour, "All the Rage," Saturday Night.

Gerald Hannon, "At Home with Attila," Canadian Art.

Sandra Gwyn, "Byron's Biographer," Elm Street.

Pascale Millot, "La vie, l'amour, la gloire selon Andrée Lachapelle, Louise Portal et Marie-Chantal Peron," Châtelaine.

Cleo Paskal, "Stand-up and deliver," Shift.


Gold: Mike Randolph, "How to beat the bugs, plan meals right, keep things dry, pack it light…and other tips to keep campers happy," Outdoor Canada.

Silver: Catherine Collins, "The Age of Ingenuity," Cottage Life.

Honourable mentions:

Anthony Jenkins, "The Wild Ones: foraging for funghi," Canadian Gardening.

Liz Primeau, "The Chilly Season," Canadian Gardening.

Brian Slemming, "The Delicate Art of Gingerbread," Canadian Workshop.

Mark Swithenbank, "The Big Twig," Cottage Life.


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Gold: Martha Weaver, Kint Quon, David Livinstone, Roslyn Griffith Hall, "Antifreeze," Elm Street.

Silver: Brad MacIver, Leanne Shapton, Catherine Franklin, "The denim Solution," Toronto Life Fashion.

Honourable mentions:

Denis Desro, Raphael Mazzucco, Véronique Droulez, "blue jeans," Elle Québec.

Denis Desro, Patrice Massé, Lucia Munoz, "ça jazz," Elle Québec.

Denis Desro, Carl Lessard, Véronique Droulez, "Ni top Ni Star," Elle Québec.

Brad MacIvor, George Whiteside, Catherine Franklin, "Orient expressed," Toronto Life Fashion.

Jean-Marc Martin, Carl Lessard, Véronique Droulez, "Etat de grâce," Mariage Québec.


Gold: Alison Rose, "Mind Like a Steel Trap," CB Technology.

Silver: Dr. Jacalyn Duffin, " Medical Miracle," Saturday Night.

Honourable mentions:

Moira Farr, "Science Fair," This Magazine.

Terry Galvin, "Red Herrings," The Georgia Straight.

Normand Grondin, "Le retour des électrochocs," Québec Science.

Garry Hamilton, "The Case of the Long-legged Parrots," Equinox.

Robert Hercz, "Filling in," CB Technology.

Maria Kubacki, "Sick and Tired of the 20th Century," New Brunswick Reader.

Yanick Villedieu, "La grande peur des hommes," l'actualité.
Yanick Villedieu, "Le miracle de notre cerveau," l'actualité.


Gold: David Beers, "Birth of a Nation," Vancouver Magazine.

Silver: Suzanne Matczuk, "The Storyteller," This Magazine.

Honourable mentions:

Allen Able, "Go for the Brass," Saturday Night.

Luc Chartrand, "1930-1945 Le mythe du Québec fascite," l'actualité.

Catherine Collins, "The Dream in High Park," Seasons.

Michael McCullough, "S.O.L.," Vancouver Magazine.


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Gold: Deborah Samuel, "Lost in Madrid," Enroute.

Silver: Collin Faulkner, "The Quality of Light," Canadian House & Home.

Honourable mentions:

Rob Fiocca, "French Vanilla," Style at Home.

Deborah Samuel, "I have seen the wind," Saturday Night.

Ted Yarwood, "Small Wonder," Canadian House & Home.


Sponsored by Ernst & Young.

Gold: Ric Dolphin, "In Search of Swami Mike," Saturday Night.

Silver: Jack Batten, "Everyone's Best Buddy," Toronto Life.

Honourable mentions:

George Emerson, "The Return of Dr. Feelgood," Canadian Business.

Lousie Gendron, "Les gourous dans l'ombre du pouvoir," l'actualité.

Sarah Hampson, "Give'Em What They Want," Saturday Night.

Kenneth Kidd, "Misfit," Rob Magazine.

Anne Kingston, "Ted Rogers Unplugged," Rob Magazine.

Ariane Krol, "La vie après la gloire", Revue Commerce.

Ben Parfitt, "The Water Merchants," The Georgia Straight.

Peter Verburg, "Jaws," Canadian Business.


Gold: Dan David, "All My Relations," This Magazine.

Silver, Patricia Holtz, "Society's Child," Toronto Life.

Honourable mentions:

Sally Armstrong, "Veiled Threat," Homemaker's.

Carole Beaulieu, "Le virage, c'est elles!" l'actualité.

Paula Brook, "Freedom's Just Another Word," Saturday Night.

Okey Chigbo, "Reading, writing and racism," The Next City.

Lousie Gendron, "Bye, bye Boulot," l'actualité.

Paul Kaihla, "Murder Mysteries," Maclean's.

Heather Pringle, "Alberta Barren," Saturday Night.

Isabel Vincent, "Bronfman Cuts a Deal," Saturday Night.


Gold: Ken Babstock, "The Interior/What We Didn't Tell the Medic," Prism.

Silver: Don Coles, "The Islands of Art," The Malahat Review.

Honourable mentions:

Roo Borson, Andy Patton, Kim Maltman, "Five Poems," The Malahat Review.

Julian van Gorder, "Saskia's Shade…/Geertghe Direx-Her Story/Hendrickje Stoffels-Her Story," Event.

David Wevill, "Nine Poems," Exile.


Sponsored by Transcontinental Printing Inc.

Gold: Sandra Latini, "The best food," Toronto Life.

Silver: (tie), Denis Desro, "Spécial déco," Elle Québec.
Carmen Dunjko, Malcolm Brown, "Sarah Polley is Acting Up," Shift.

Honourable mentions:

Joe Bush, "Wendy," Broadcast Week.

Tim Davin, "Do Dogs Have Different Blood Types?" Owl.

Danielle LeBel, "Hockey Night in Sweden," Enroute.

Laura MacNeil, Ian Phillips, "How I use the Internet," Profit.

Domenic Macri, "Summer Starts Here," Gusto!.

Carol Moskot, "Modern Classics," Fashion + Design.

Carol Moskot, "Crash," This Magazine.


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Gold: Jamie Maw, Angela Murrills, "Eight Annual Restaurant Awards," Vancouver Magazine.

Silver, Sharon Doyle Driedger, "Eating Right," Maclean's.

Honourable mentions:

Rebecca Carpenter, "What's an MBA Worth?" Canadian Business.

R. Colapinto, K.K. Campbell, B. Marshall, "Shift's Hands-on Guide to the Web," Shift.

Diane Forest, "The Big Fix," Cottage Life.

Jonathan Harris, "Big Fees, Small Results," Canadian Business.

Chris Knowles, "Beating the Beaver Fever Blues," Cottage Life.

Anne-Marie Lecomte, "Comment savoir si on risque de perdre son emploi," Châtelaine.

Véronique Robert, "Seule à la maison: Avez-vous raison d'avoir peur?" Châtelaine.

Karen von Hahn, "The Kid's Guide," Toronto Life.


Gold: Carmen Dunjko, Malcolm Brown, "Raw shift:Guns," Shift.

Silver: Alice Unger, "Ferns," Toronto Life Gardens.

Honourable Mentions:

Carmen Dunjko, Malcolm Brown, "Apocalypse Again," Shift.

Carmen Dunjko, Malcolm Brown, "The Brat Pack," Shift.

Carmen Dunjko, Malcolm Brown, "Raw shift: Beauty," Shift.

Danielle LeBel, "24 Hours," Enroute.

Janice McLean, "Screefer Madness," Canadian Geographic.

Susan Rogers, José Woertman, "Modern Cool," Style at Home .

Karen Simpson, "Barney's Wedding," Saturday Night.

Barbara Solowan, "The Intimacy of Skin," Canadian Art.


Gold: Rick Boychuk, Janice McLean, Pauline Comeau, Lorraine Gilbert, Margaret Williamson, Julie Steinecke, Greg Bennett, Anne-Marie Murray, Michael Kohn, Gillian Austin, Rita Leistner, Darrell Ross, Steven Fick , "Screefer Madness," Canadian Geographic.

Silver: Andrea Curtis, Lucinda Wallace, Alexandra Gratsas, Charles Hussin, James Gullage, Shango Clarkson, "Home Sweet Home," This Magazine.

Honourable mentions:

Rick Boychuk, Janice McLean, Margaret Williamson, Jean-Claude Teyssier, Dan Schneider, Eric Harris, Steven Fick, "Devil's Riding Horse," Canadian Geographic.

James Little, Mike Randolph, Cheryl Moore, Chris Dawson, Various Photographers, "Eight Great Escapes," Outdoor Canada.

Alan Morantz, Ulrike Bender, Robert Semeniak, "The World is a Circus," Equinox.

Lise Ravary, Danielle LeBel, Tshi, "24 Hours," Enroute.

Sylvie Halpern, Danielle LeBel, Jean-François Bérubé, "Beyond The Stage Door," Enroute.

Ann Vanderhoof, Steve Manley, "Images of Life at the Cottage," Cottage Life.

Kenneth Whyte, Karen Simpson, Kem Luther, Deborah Samuel, Dianne de Fenoyl, " I Have Seen The Wind," Saturday Night.

Kenneth Whyte, Karen Simpson, Allen Abel, Roger LeMoyne, Dianne de Fenoyl, "This Night Will Never Come Again," Saturday Night.


Gold: Gary Clement, "Excuses, Excuses," Toronto Life Fashion.

Silver: Christian Northeast, "Voices from the deep," Saturday Night.

Honourable mentions:

Gary Clement, "Gruesome Science on the case," Financial Post Magazine.

Mike Constable, "Vote Smart," Toronto Life.

Amanda Duffy, "The National Scream," Canadian Living.

Alain Pilon, "Observer Series," Saturday Night.


Gold: Allen Abel, "This Night Will Never Come Again," Saturday Night.

Silver: Baiba Morrow, "Into the Chasm," Equinox.

Honourable mentions:

André Dalcourt, "Le printemps de la paix,' Enroute.

Marq de Villiers, "Cape Town," Financial Post Magazine.

Georges-Hébert Germain, "Amours, délices et Prague," l'actualité.

David Macfarlane, "Once around the Bay, Boys," Imperial Oil Review.

Russel Smith, "Romancing the Ruins," Toronto Life.

Rosemary Sullivan, "Slouching Towards Disequilibrium, A Tourist in Egypt," Border Crossings.

Jay Teitel, "The Final Frontier," Toronto Life.

Alison Wearing, "Solitary Motion," Border Crossings.


Gold: Allen Abel, "Once They Were Rookies," Saturday Night.

Silver: Mike Randolph, "On the Edge," Outdoor Canada.

Honorable mentions:

Carole Beaulieu, "Hän tekee maalin!," L'actualité.

Charles Foran, "Home Boy," Toronto Life.

Bruce Grierson, "Iron Don," Saturday Night.

Jay Teitel, "Shorter, Slower, Weaker," Saturday Night.


Gold: André Doyon, "Day Tripper," Fashion + Design.

Silver: Colin Faulkner, "Collect Yourself," Gardening Life.

Honourable mentions:

Douglas Bradshaw, "Do the Ripe Thing," Elm Street.

Douglas Bradshaw, "Where There's Smoke," Elm Street.

Dan Couto, "First Base," Images .

Tim Saunders, "Roman Holiday," Elm Street.

John Sherlock, "Wrap Artists," Lookwest.


Sponsored by St. Joseph Printing Ltd.

Gold: Stephen Brunt, "On the Ropes," Toronto Life.

Silver: Bruce Grierson, "Iron Don," Saturday Night.

Honourable mentions:

André Ducharme, "Lucky Luc," l'actualité.

André Ducharme, "Les pens es de Pascale," l'actualité.

Richard Foot, "Rebel with a Cause," New Brunswick Reader.

Charles Foran, "Home Boy," Toronto Life.

Sarah Hampson, "Mister Glitter," Toronto Life.

Danielle Laurin, "Hanganu: le jeu de l'égo," l'actualité.

Stephen Smith, "To Hell and Back," Shift.

Clive Thompson, "Red Alert," This Magazine.


Gold: Paul Kaihla, "Murder Mysterires," Macleans's.

Silver: Luc Chartrand, Carole Beaulieu, "La personnalité de l'année," l'actualité.

Honourable mentions:

Allen Able, "Once They Were Rookies," Saturday Night.

Ric Dolphin, "In Search of Swami Mike," Saturday Night.

Louise Gendron, "Les gourous dans l'omber du pouvoir," l'actualité.

Kirk Makin, "Stalking the High Park Rapist," Toronto Life.

Heather Pringle, "Alberta Barren," Saturday Night.

David Pugliese, "Mobel Fever," Saturday Night.

Yanick Villedieu, "Le miracle de notre cerveau," l'actualité.

Chris Wong, "The Hardest Hit," The Georgia Strait.


Sponsored by Kodiak Canada.

Gold: Tshi, "24 Hours," Enroute.

Silver: Dawn Goss, "A Date for the Grad," Equinox.

Honourable mentions:

Tobi Asmoucha, "Life on Parade," Canadian Geographic.

Tobi Asmoucha, Anne Bayin, La Bounty and Johl, Keith Moulding, "Saturday Nights," Saturday Night.

Roger LeMoyne, "Karakoram Highway," Border Crossings.

Peter Sibbald, "Raw Shift: Work," Shift.

Chris Wahl, "Russian Nights," Elm Street.


Gold: Russell Smith, "Party Going," The New Quarterly.

Silver: Robert Everett-Green, "Bottom's Dream," Queen's Quarterly.

Honourable mentions:

Thomas J. Childs, "Aunt Eileen Expresses Herself," Prairie Fire.

Sandra Birdsell, "Disappearances," Saturday Night.

Murray Logan, "Black and White," Queen's Quarterly.

K.D. Miller, "Missing Person," The Capilano Review.

Russell Smith, "Young Men," Toronto Life.

Kathryn Woodward, "Three Diseases Requiring an Intermediate Host," Descant.


Gold: Okey Chigbo, "Reading, writing and racism," The Next City.

Silver: Robert Fulford, "The Young in History's Stream: Generation X and the Survival of Tradition," Queens's Quarterly.

Honourable Mentions:

Bernard Arcand, Serge Bouchard, "Elle vue par eux," Elle Québec.

Michael Bliss, "Thinking Man's Bluff," Saturday Night.

Gil Coutemanche, "Parle parle, mal mal," L'actualité.

Sandra Gwyn, "A Sense of Place," Maclean's.

George Jonas , "Smoke If You Love Canada," Saturday Night.

Elizabeth Kelly, "State of the Union," Hamilton Magazine.

Philip Marchand, "What I Really Think…," Saturday Night.

Carol Milston, "Sybil Minds," Saturday Night.


Sponsored by the Interprovincial Group

Gold: Blair Dawson, "The Smells," Cottage Life.

Silver: Gary Clement, "The Case for Cutting Taxes," The Financial Post Magazine.

Honorable mentions:

Kathy Boake, "Spice Cadets," Images.

Kathy Boake, "Great Scott," TV Guide.

Sandra Dionist, "To Set the House in Order," Camagazine.

Christian Northeast, "Medical Miracle," Saturday Night.

Christian Northeast, "Free to Spend the Night," Toronto Life.

Alain Pilon, "Are you squeezed out of your mind?" Enroute.

Alain Pilon, "Freedom's just another word…" Saturday Night.

Jason Schneider, "The Dying Art of Talking Crop," Ryerson Review of Journalism.


Gold: Gil Courtemanche, "La revanche de Vantour," l'actualité.

Silver: Jenefer Curtis, "Gold as Goldenberg," Saturday Night.

Honourable mentions:

Ron Graham, "What Becomes a Liberal Most," Toronto Life.

Charlotte Gray, "Crazy Like a Fox," Saturday Night.

Michel Vastel, "Dion Wuichotte, mission impossible," l'actualité.

Bruce Wallace, "Preston Power," Maclean's.

Anthony Wilson-Smith, "The Bouchard File," Maclean's.


Sponsored by Canada Post Corporation.

Gold: Michel Arseneault, "Mes enfants du Rwanda," l'actualité.
Silver: Sarah Sheard, "The heady fumes of ink and ideas," Toronto Life.

Honourable mentions:

Jane Beall, "Finding Bearnie," Homemaker's.

Elspeth Cameron, "Baby Grand," Toronto Life.

L. Wayne Carlson, "Riot," This Magazine.

Dan David, "All My Relations," This Magazine.

Michel Dongois, "La route de soi," L'actualité.

David Macfarlane, "Running with Robertson Davies," Toronto Life.

Ivor Shapiro, "Full Circle," Chatelaine.

Sandra Martin, "Reality Bites," Saturday Night.


Gold: Edward Gajdel, "Mister Glitter," Toronto Life.

Silver: Tom Feiler, "The Brat Pack," Shift.

Honourable mentions:

Jim Allen, "Class Acts," Elm Street.

Barbara Cole, "Cold Rush," Enroute.

Regan Morris, Cheryl O'Brien, "Time Regained," Canadian Art.

Chris Nicholls, "Sar Polley is Acting Up," Shift.

Hill Peppard, "The Real Thing," Elm Street.

Floria Sigismondi, "Watch Me," Shift.

Ron Baxter Smith, "All the Rage," Saturday Night.

George Whiteside, "What are We Afraid Of?" Saturday Night.


Gold: David Beers, "Little Sarajevo/Spin, Spin, Spin/ Satellite City," Vancourver

Silver: Peter C. Newman, "From dynastic myth…/An opportunist…/A short life that defined a new era," Maclean's.

Honourable mentions:

Robert Enright, "Naughty Pining/ Lynch Party/Crash and Sperm," Border Crossings.

Jacques Godbout, "Dialogue de moine et du philosophie/Les Frères amis/Pour ne pas comprendre les médias!" L'actualité.

Bob Levin, "Fixating on fame…/When movies are like a toxic waste dump/Sport and Showbiz…" Maclean's.

Richard Martineau, "Rire pour mourir/Les Partiotes: cause toujours/Le syndrome du centre mou," l'actualité.

Bill Richardson, "The Bumpy road to Enlightenment/Urban Omens/Christmas Romance, Spilt-ups, and Grief," The Georgia Straight.

Mike Usinger, "Dishrages Get Their Deserverd Due/Case Blazes Into New Territory/Out of The Spolight, Aaron Happily Reinvents Herself," The Georgia Straight.

Mel Watkins, "Tales from the front lines/Snake Oil/Out of commission," This Magazine.


Sponsored by Indas Ltd.

Gold: Ann Vanderhoof, Roy MacGregor, Diane Forrest, Charles Wilkins, Paul Rush, Charles Gordon, Helen Clark, Ann Walmsley, Charles Long, Max Burns, Jane Rodmell, + the editorial staff of Cottage Life, "10 Years: A Celebration of Life at the Cottage." Cottage Life.

Silver: Micheline Lachance, Lousie Gendron, Luc Chartrand, Yanick Villedieu, Hélène de Billy, Carole Beaulieu, Paule Beaugrand-Champagne, "Les 20 plus beaux villages du Quebec." l'acutalité.

Honourable Mentions:

Luc Chartrand, "Le dragon se réveille," l'actualité.

Ann Dowsett Johnston & the Maclean's Staff, "Judging Canadian Law Schools," Maclean's.

Ann Dowsett Johnston & the Maclean's Staff, "Measuring Excellence," Maclean's.

Ross Leaver & the Maclean's Staff, "The Best & Worst Mutual Funds," Maclean's.

Pierre Sormant, Sophie Cousineau, Ariane Krol, "Les Visionnaires," Revue Commerce.

Felicity Stone, Bruce Grierson, Morris Panych, John Maclachlan Gray, Renata Saint-Hilaire, "All We Want for Christmas," Western Living.

Jim Sutherland, Jamie Maw, Angela Murrils, Sarah Reeder, Memory Walsh, "The Best Restaurants," Vancouver Magazine.

Jim Sutherland, Marilee Breitkreutz, Jim Oaten, Larry McCallum, Denise Ryan, Chuck Davis, Lianne Keer, Kerry McPherdran, Stephen Wong, James Barber, Derek Miller, Hadani Ditmars, "Secrets in the City," Vancouver Magazine.


Sponsored by Quebecor Printing Inc.

Gold: Carmen Dunjko, Malcolm Brown, "Sarah Polley is Acting Up," Shift.

Silver: Anna A. Belluz, "Thirty Years in the Life of a City," Vancouver Magazine.

Honourable mentions:

Lina McPhee, "Nighttime Dressing," Images.

Jacques Pilon, "Summer Decorating," Canadian House & Home.

Susan Rogers, "50 Holiday Ideas," Style at Home.




Nancy Baron


Carsten Stroud, The Financial Post Magazine.


Vancouver Magazine


Robert Fulford



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