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The Winners - Sources 44

Twenty-Second Annual National Magazine Award Winners


One of a Kind Articles:
sponsored by Wolfson Bell Associates

Gold: Patricia Pearson, Saturday Night, "Death Becomes Her"
Silver: Jim Christy, The Georgia Straight, "Sidewalk Stories"

Michel Arseneault, L'actualité, "Dessin-moi une horreur"
Guy Crittenden, Saturday Night, "Smoke and Errors"
Ross Crockford, Outdoor Canada, "Looking for Mr. Big"
Lorna Crozier, In 2 Print, "Comic Books, Dead Dogs, Cheerleading-One Poet's Beginnings"
Louise Gendron, L'actualité, "God à toutes les sauces

sponsored by Imasco Ltd.

Gold: Caitlin Kelly, Elm Street, "Yak Attack"
Silver: Greig Dymon, Toronto Life, "Toller Cranston vs. Eddie Shack"

Honourable Mentions:
Ian Brown, Outdoor Canada, "Where Pigs Can Fly"
Matthew Hart, Report on Business Magazine, "Future Perfect"
Mark Anthony Jarman, Western Living, "Down Time"
Hal Niedzviecki, THIS Magazine, "Stupid Jobs are Good to Relax With"
Mike Randolph, Outdoor Canada, "A Case for the Car"

sponsored by Ernst & Young

Gold: Trevor Cole, Report on Business Magazine, "The Empire Builders"
Silver: René Vézina, Revue Commerce, "La chute de la maison Marleau Lemire"

Honourable Mentions:
Stephen Brunt, Report on Business Magazine, "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Retirement"
Trevor Cole, Report on Business Magazine, "Ivy-League Hustle"
Charlotte Gray, Saturday Night, "Just a Heartbeat Away"
David Hayes, Toronto Life, "Fear Itself"
Jean Benoît Nadeau, Revue Commerce, "Les 10 entreprises les plus secrètes du Québec"
David North, Canadian Business, "Never Cry Wolf"
Jennifer Wells, Report on Business Magazine, "Trading Places"
Jennifer Wells, Report on Business Magazine, "Do I Frighten You?"

Science, Technology Health & Medicine
sponsored by Royal Bank of Canada

Gold: Yanick Villedieu, L'actualité, "Portrait de famille"
Silver: Terry Glavin, The Georgia Straight, "A Fish Tale"

Honourable Mentions:
Nancy Baron, The Georgia Straight, "The Straights of Georgia"
Michael Clugston, Canadian Geographic, "Power Struggle"
Anita Lahey, Saturday Night, "Black Lagoons"
Andrew Nikiforuk, Outdoor Canada, "Where Seldom is Heard a Conversationist's Word"
Ann Silversides, Elm Street, "Face It, Nice Girls Do Get Aids"
Yanick Villedieu, L'actualité, "SOS sperme"
Mark Witten, Toronto Life, "Missing Pieces"
David Young, The New Brunswick Reader, "The Hunt for the Phantom Fish Killer"


Gold: André Lachance, L'actualité, "Du mauvais côte de la baie James"
Silver: John Lorinc, Toronto Life, "The Making of the Megacity"

Honourable Mentions:
Gil Courtemanche, L'actualité, "Algérie: le pays devenu fou"
Jenefer Curtis, Saturday Night, "Captain Crunch"
Gordon Laird, Saturday Night, "Party Crasher"
Mick Lowe, Elm Street, "The Power of One"
Andrew Nikiforuk, Outdoor Canada, "Where Seldom is Heard a Conversationist's Word"
Andrew Nikiforuk, Saturday Night, "All Devine's Men"

Social Affairs
sponsored by United Steelworkers of America

Gold: Pierre Lacerte, L'actualité, "Rien ne va plus"
Silver: Don Gillmor, Toronto Life, "Killing Cousins"

Honourable Mentions:
Okey Chigbo, The Next City, "Bum Rap"
Louise Gendron, L'actualité, "Faut-il abolir le BS?"
Katherine Govier, Toronto Life, "Lost Girls"
Dean Jobb, OHS Canada, "The Westray Conundrum"
Mary O'Connell, Toronto Life, "The Story of Joe"
Jay Teitel, Toronto Life, "True Colours"
Michael Valpy, Elm Street, "Science Friction"
Michael Vlessides, Canadian Geographic, "License to Whale"

Investigative Reporting

Gold: Jane O'Hara, Maclean's, "Rape in the Military"
Silver: Don Gillmor, Toronto Life, "Fire Alarm"

Honourable Mentions:
Don Gillmor, Toronto Life, "Killing Cousins"
Paul Kaihla, Canadian Business, "Death of a Self-made Man"
André Lachance, L'actualité, "Du mauvais coté de la baie James"
Jean Benoît Nadeau, Revue Commerce, "Les 10 entreprises les plus secrètes du Quebec"
Daniel Sanger, Julien Feldman, Saturday Night, "Life Before Harrods"
Sid Tafler, Saturday Night, "Who Was Reena Virk?"


Gold: Alice Munro, Saturday Night, "Jakarta"
Silver: Elyse Gasco, Prairie Fire, "Mother: Not a True Story"

Honourable Mentions:
Shauna Shingh Baldwin, Saturday Night, "Satya"
Lynn Coady, THIS Magazine, "Ice Cream Man"
Elyse Gasco, Prairie Fire, " Mother: Not a True Story"
Don Gillmor, Toronto Life, "Gubermann"
Mark Anthony Jarman, Prism International, "Backhoe"
Alice Munro, Saturday Night, "Jakarta"
Robert Sherrin, The Malahat Review, "Cook Kenny-san"


Gold: Julie Bruck, Carousel, "Drive, Nancy, First Born"
Silver: Patricia Young, The Malahat Review, "Ruin and Beauty"

Honourable Mentions:
Clea Ainsworth, Prism International, "Squaw Poems"
Don McKay, Event, "Five Poems"
Don McKay, The Malahat Review, "Four Poems"
Sue Sinclair, The Fiddlehead, "Orange and Red Streak"
Rhea Tregebor, The Malahat Review, "Four Poems"
David Zieroth, Grain, "The True Imagined Life of My Neighbour"

Arts & Entertainment

Gold: Anne Kingston, Saturday Night, "Lolita Writes Back"
Silver: Luc Chartrand, L'actualité, "Kevin, rocker malgré lui"

Honourable Mentions:
André Ducharme, enRoute, "Le Monde à ses pieds"
Brian D. Johnson, Maclean's, "Hungarian Rhapsody"
Brian D. Johnson, Maclean's, "Cirque du Success"
Moira Johnston, Saturday Night, "The Raven's Last Journey"
John Lownsbrough, Toronto Life, "The Ladies Who Lunge"
Sandra Martin, Toronto Life, "Mr. Muscle"
Hal Niedzviecki, Adbusters, "Pop, Product, Person"
Katrina Onstad, Toronto Life, "The Vellekoop Show"

Sports & Recreation

Gold: Ian Brown, Outdoor Canada, "Thirteen Ways of Learning at a Rapid"
Silver: Pierre de Billy, Chatelaine, "La passion de l'aventure"

Honourable Mentions:
Ian Brown, Outdoor Canada, "Where Pigs Can Fly"
Louise Gendron, L'actualité, "Les adventuiers de l'île perdue"
Shane Peacock, Equinox, "Rulers of the Dohyo"
Martine Turenne, L'actualité, "La bombe Mélanie"


Gold: Jean Paré, L'actualité, "Dossier 25506", "Chirurgie à la tronçonneuse", "50%…C'est trop peu. Et c'est trop!"
Silver: Catherine Elie, Chatelaine, "Crime et chàtiment", "Bobbi et ses sept bébés", "Le raisin qui fait déborder le vase"

Honourable Mentions
James Chatto, Toronto Life, "Feed the Rich", "Lemongrass Roots", "Tales from the Critic"
Peter Foster, Toronto Life, "Memories of Better Days", "It Could Be a Long Engagement", "Return of the Phantom"
Gilles Marcotte, L'actualité, "Amérique, l'angoisse du vide", "Les parcours de trois plumes", "Vies de femmes, vie d'écriture
Lawrence Solomon, The Next City, "Communism's Continuing Successes", "Homeless in Paradise", "The End of Corruption"


Gold: Carole Beaulieu, L'actualité, "Au pays des superbranchés"
Silver: Janice Kulyk Keefer, Border Crossings, "Speaking with Sofia"

Honourable Mentions:
Karen Connelly, Outpost, "A Child of Maw Ker"
Deanne Musolf Crouch, The Georgia Straight, "Swimming with Man-Eaters"
Pierre de Billy, Chatelaine, "Un dîner en Provence"
Laurent Fontaine, Chatelaine, "Andes, Les femmes oubliées"
Mark Kingwell, Saturday Night, "Come on Get Happy"


sponsored by Periodical Marketers of Canada

Gold: Jamie Maw, Vancouver Magazine, "Restaurant Awards"
Silver: Diane Forrest, Cottage Life, "Battling Big Ears"

Honourable Mentions:
James Chatto, Margaret Swaine, Toronto Life, "The Food and Wine Guide"
Marcia Chen, Toronto Life, "The Real Estate Guide"
Catherine Collins, Cottage Life, "Everything Under the Sun"
Ann Dowsett Johnston, Maclean's, "Universities '98"
Janet Forman, Karen Burshtein, Michael McCullough, Madelaine Drohan, Report on Business Magazine, "A Spy Checks In"
Ariane Krol, Chatelaine, C'est le temps de changer"
Marie Quinty, Affaire PLUS, "DIX conseils pour décrocher LE JOB!"
Clive Thompson, Shift, "100 Best Web Sites"


Gold: John Sillaots, Canadian Home Workshop, "The Ultimate Shop"
Silver: Jake MacDonald, Cottage Life, "Jake and the Snakes Meet Superfly"

Honourable Mentions:
Allan Britnell, Canadian Home Workshop, "A Drop of Golden Sun"
Tom Carpenter, Cottage Life, "Enter the Dragon"
Victoria Curran, Canadian Living, "Handle with Care"
Cynthia David, President's Choice Magazine, "Oceans of Plenty"
Patrick Lima, Gardening Life, "Magnolias"
Steven Maxwell, Canadian Home Workshop, "A Craftsman's Toolchest"
Mike Randolph, Outdoor Canada, "First the Bad News: You Have to Sleep with a Pee Bottle"
Gary Walchuk, Canadian Home Workshop, "Thoroughbred Sawhorses"


Gold: Jay Teitel, Toronto Life, "The Road Not Taken"
Silver: Daniel Coleman, The New Quarterly, "The Babies in the Colonial Washtub"

Honourable Mentions:
Robert Fulford, Azure, "The Lawn"
Rory Leishman, The Next City, "Robed Dictators"
Hal Niedzviecki, THIS Magazine, "Stupid Jobs are Good to Relax With"
M. Nourbese Philip, FUSE, "Black W/Holes: A History of Brief Time"
Jay Teitel, Saturday Night, 'Their Glorious Future"
Jay Teitel, Toronto Life, 'True Colours "
Kevin Van Tighem, Outdoor Canada, "The Once and Future Wild"
Jennifer Wells, Report on Business Magazine, "Waiting for the Big One"

Personal Journalism
sponsored by Canada Post Corporation

Gold: Moira Johnston, Saturday Night, "The Raven's Last Journey"
Silver: Leigh Cummings, Toronto Life, "No Way Out"

Honourable Mentions;
Ian Brown, Outdoor Canada, "Thirteen Ways of Learning at a Rapid"
Bonnie Buxton, Elm Street, "Society's Child"
Andrea Curtis, Toronto Life, "Excuse Me While I Screef the Duff"
Pat Krause, Event, "Acts of Love"
Jake Richler, Saturday Night, "Nick's Place"

sponsored by St. Joseph Printing

Gold: Sarah Hampson, Saturday Night, "Foth He Went a Courtin'"
Silver: Ian Brown, Saturday Night, "The Defence of Gillian Guess"

Honourable Mentions:
Luc Chartrand, L'actualité, "Kevin, rocker malgré lui"
Sylvia Fraser, Toronto Life, "Leader of the Opposition"
Sarah Hampson, Elm Street, "Landmarks"
Gerald Hannon, Canadian Art, "Secrets and Lies"
Micheline Lachance, L'actualité, "Bureau-Durivage: la guere en direct"
Danielle Laurin, Chatelaine, "Le désarroi de Marie Cardinal"
Guy Lawson, Toronto Life, "The Zen Master of Maple Leaf Gardens"
David Macfarlane, ElmStreet , "The Provocative Linda McQuaig"

Editorial Package
sponsored by Indas Limited

Gold: Ann Dowsett Johnston & the Maclean's Staff, Maclean's, "Measuring Excellence"
Silver: Karen Mulhallen, Descant, "The Anatomy Theatre and the Theatre of the Body"

Honourable Mentions:
Pierre Duhamel, Revue Commerce, "Commerce a 100 ans"
Elizabeth Kelly, Jacqueline Lealess, Bobbie Robinson, Anna Sonser, Hamilton Magazine, "An Unexpected Song"
Chris Loudon and the Editorial Staff, TV Guide, "So Long Jerry"
Ian McGugan, Margaret Craig-Bourdin, Rebecca Carpenter, David Berman, Canadian Business, "School of Higher Earning"
Rick Spence and the Editorial Staff, Profit, "Profit 100"
Mark Tunney, Maria Kubacki, The New Brunswick Reader, "A Toast to Alden Nowlan"
Martine Turenne, Monique Roy, Marié-José Desmarais, Chatelaine, "La dictature de la beauté"
Bob Levin, Bruce Wallace, James Deacon, Macleans, "Gold Rush"

Words and Pictures

Gold: Harvey Chan, Ken Hewitt-White, Cottage Life Staff, Cottage Life, "Legends in the Sky"
Silver: Margaret Williamson, Elizabeth Shilts, Rick Boychuk, Steven Fick, Andrew Murray, Janice McLean, Richard Hartmier, John Dann, B&C Alexander, J.A. Kraulis, Brian Milne, Canadian Geographic, "Rivers of Ice"

Honourable Mentions:
Wanita Bates, Border Crossings, "Travellers' First Communion'
Nancy Bonnell-Kanagas, Sam Sisco, OWL Magazine, "The Big Stink"
Sa Boothroyd, Suzanne McCormick, Patricia Maitland, Carol Anne Campbell, Ron Devries, Jeffrey Canton, Gord Archibald, Cottage Life Staff, Cottage Life, "There's Nothing to Dooo……"
Drew Cunningham, Peter Sibbald, Dita De Boni, Trish Snyder, Vickie Rowden, Canadian Inflight Magazine, "All Work and Some Play"
Tim Davin, Kat Mototsune, Jim Steck, Chickadee, "How Do You Make Chickadee Magazine?"
Eric Harris, Steven Fick, Margaret Williamson, Elizabeth Shilts, Pauline Comeau, Mary Vincent, Rick Boychuk, Benoit Aquin, Dave Sidaway, Gills Delisle, Martin Paquette, Brandi Cramer, Jean Terroux, Bruno Schlumberger, Rod MacIvor, Dave Chan, Petere Cooney, Robert Goldbraith, Gordon Beck, John Mahoney, Phil Norton, Ryan Remiovz, Canadian Geographic, "Blackout/Storm Report"

sponsored by Yves Saint Laurent Parfums

Gold: Denis Desro (art director)
Raphael Mazzucco (photographer)
Isabelle Long (stylist)
Elle Québec, "Impact"

Silver: Martha Weaver (art director)
Chris Wahl (photograpaher)
David Livingston (fashion editor)
Dominique Vien (stylist)
Elm Street, "The Leisure Class"

Honourable Mentions:
Brad MacIver (art director), Gabor Jurina (photographer), Susie Sheffman (stylist), Toronto Life Fashion, "Days of Heaven"
Brad MacIver (art director), Chris Nicholls (photographer), Fernando Resende (designer), Susie Sheffman (stylist), Toronto Life Fashion, "Confidence Game "
Lina McPhee (art director), Chris Nicholls (photographer), Images, "Reds"
Lina McPhee (art director), chris Chapman (photographer), Pepper Palmer (stylist), Images, "Fantasy Island"
Lina McPhee (art director), Christoph Strube (photographer), Alexa Forsyth (stylist), Images, "Black Again"

sponsored by The Interprovincial Group

Gold: Alain Pilon, Vancouver Magazine, "The Last Radical"
Silver: Amanda Duffy, Elm Street, "The Dress Maker"

Honourable Mentions:
Gary Clement, CAmagazine, "The Bottom Line on Stress"
Jacques Cournoyer, Chatelaine, "La Peur de Sexe"
Murray Kimber, Outdoor Canada, "A Case for the Car"
Joe Morse, enRoute, "Classic Black"
Simon Ng, Outdoor Canada, "As I Dropped Out One Bright Summer Morning"
Alain Pilon, The Financial Post Magazine, "Knocking Off the Knockoffs"
Alain Pilon, Saturday Night, "All Devine's Men"
Alain Pilon, Saturday Night, "Come On Get Happy "

Magazine Covers
sponsored by Transcontinental Printing

Gold: Carmen Dunjko, Malcolm Brown, Shift, "Bran Man 3000"
Silver: Carol Young, James Ireland, Health Digest, "Arthritis - Joint Efforts for a Pain-Free Future"

Honourable Mentions:
Tim Davin, OWL Magazine, "Ask Owl"
David Heath, James Ireland, Advisor's Edge, "Growing Pains"
Sandra Latini, Toronto Life, "Megawife"
Sandra Latini, Toronto Life, "Why Does This Man Hate Toronto"
Danielle Le Bel, enRoute, "Beauty and the Beasts"
Barbara Solowan, Saturday Night, "The Other Swing Revival"
Alice Unger, Gardening Life, "Spring Fever"

Spot Illustration

Gold: Barbara Klunder, Shift, "Guide to World Music"
Silver: Mike Constable, Toronto Life, "The Personal Finance Guide"

Honourable Mentions:
Jamie Bennett, Saturday Night, "Death Becomes Her"
Gary Clement, Report on Business Magazine, "Spectrum"
Genevieve Coté, Saturday Night, "Hoar Frost"
Tony Jenkins, Report on Business Magazine, "The Public Relations Industry Has a P.R. Problem"
Jason Logan, Toronto Life Fashion, "A Friend, Indeed"
Ross MacDonald, Canadian Business, "Series of Columns"
Jason Schneider, Canadian Lawyer, "Surviving the Audit"

Still-life Photography

Gold: George Whiteside, President's Choice Magazine, "Precious Metals"
Silver: Shun Sasabuchi, Gardening Life, "Test Patterson"

Honourable Mentions:
Susan Ashukian, Gusto!, "Small Fry"
Douglas Bradshaw, Elm Street, "Shoal Food"
Douglas Bradshaw, Elm Street, "Please, Please Me"
Colin Faulkner, President' Choice Magazine, "Tuscan Harvest"
Kevin Hewitt, Food & Drink, "Melon Mania"
Christian Lacroix, Mariage Québec, "De terre et de metal"
Shun Sasabuchi, President's Choice Magazine, "Salad Days"
Tim Saunders, Elm Street, "Party Tricks"


Gold: George Whiteside, Canadian House & Home, "Objects of Desire"
Silver: Paul Orenstein, Cottage Life, "The Artful Addition"

Honourable Mentions:
Chris Chapman, Canadian House & Home, "The Writing's on the Wallpaper"
Dan Lin, Toronto Life Fashion, "Suburban Renewal"
Ted Yarwood, Style at Home, "Naturally Sophisticated"
Dan Heringa, Style at Home, "Paradise on Pender"

Portrait Photography

Gold: Tom Feiler, Shift, "Picture Perfect"
Silver: Eden Robbins, Toronto Life, "The Vellekoop Show"

Honourable Mentions:
Nigel Dickson, Toronto Life, "Fear Itself"
Jean François Graton, Brian Smale, Chris Wahl, Floria Sigismondi, Bryce Duffy, Gina Rea Horvath, Shift, "The 25 Most Important People in New Music"
Andrew MacNaughton, Confidante, "Queen Cole"
Keith Moulding, Saturday Night, "Saturday Nights"
Greg Pacek, Elm Street, "Society's Child"
Chris Wahl, Elm Street, "Blood on the Tracks"
Chris Wahl, Report on Business Magazine, "Do I Frighten You?"

sponsored by Kodak Canada Inc.

Gold: William DeKay, Canadian Geographic, "Double Take"
Silver: Russell Monk, Shift, "Garbage"

Honourable Mentions:
Benoit Aquin, Canadian Geographic, "Lethal Beauty"
Wanita Bates, Border Crossings, "Travellers' First Communion"
John Dunn, Canadian Geographic, "Dunn's Crossing"
David McMillan, Border Crossings, "The Zone"
Bruce Obec, Thomas Kitchin, Victoria Hurst, Beautiful British Columbia, "Goodbye Mortgage, Hello Wolves"

Art Direction for a Single Magazine Article

Gold: Carmen Dunjko, Malcolm Brown, Shift, "Picture Perfect"
Silver: Danielle Le Bel, enRoute, "Muscovites Are Tough Cookies"

Honourable Mentions:
Carmen Dunjko, Malcolm Brown, Shift, "Boogie Knight"
Carmen Dunjko, Malcolm Brown, Shift, "Fear"
Carmen Dunjko, Malcolm Brown, Shift, "Vincent D'Onofrio"
Carmen Dunjko, Malcolm Brown, Shift, "Freak Show"
Carmen Dunjko, Malcolm Brown, Shift, "Enter the Bran Man"
Danielle Le Bel, enRoute, "Wrestling the Muse"
Lina McPhee, Images, "Reds"
Carol Moskot, President's Choice Magazine, "Precious Metals"

Art Direction for an Entire Issue
sponsored by Quebecor Inc.

Gold: Carmen Dunjko, Malcolm Brown, Shift, "Fight the Power, Etc."
Silver: Chris Dixon, Adbusters, "Autumn 1998"

Honourable Mentions:
Heather Cooper, Food & Drink, "Holiday 1998"
Danielle Le Bel, enRoute, "May 1998"
Janice McLean, i, "Through the Lens"
Barbara Solowan, Canadian Art, "The Director"

Best New Magazine: Gardening Life
The Alexander Ross Award for Best New Magazine Writer: Hal Niedzviecki
The President's Medal Sponsored by the University of Western Ontario: Jane O'Hara, Maclean's
Magazine of the Year: Adbusters
The Foundation Award for Outstanding Achievement: Lynn Cunningham


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Fame & Fortune: Comprehensive Listing of Awards and Prizes available to Canadian journalists

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