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Publisher:  Sources, Toronto, Canada
Year Published:  2009   First Published:  1977

Please see our media profile in Sources:

Sources is a directory of spokespersons and experts published (in print and online) for the use of journalists, writers, news editors, and producers. Organizations and individual experts list in Sources in order to raise their media profile and attract media attention. Reporters and broadcasters need knowledgeable sources to interview and quote when they write stories or line up guests. The Sources directory is a resource journalists turn to when they need to find experts and spokespersons, because Sources gives them what they most need in their day-to-day work: a wealth of human contacts offering a wide range of views and expertise, ready and willing to speak to the media. More than four thousand journalists, researchers, and communications professionals a day use the Sources Web site to find the spokespersons they need. Sources is one of the top-ranked sites on the Internet, meaning that organizations listed in Sources are also much more like to be found through Google and other search engines.

Sources specializes in collecting, indexing, and disseminating information to help journalists, editors, and researchers quickly reach articulate experts and spokespersons who can provide background information and comment on a wide range of topics. Publications and services include Sources, SOURCES SELECT# Online, Parliamentary Names & Numbers, Media Names & Numbers, The Sources HotLink, and The Sources Calendar. Sources also provides mailing lists, publishing and research services, and consultations on publishing projects.

The aims and objectives of Sources are:
1. To improve the public's understanding of the widest possible range of subjects.
2. To accomplish this primarily by providing, especially to the largest and best list of Canadian newsmedia personnel, the user-friendliest access to the widest possible range of sources on the maximum number of subjects.
3. To encourage and assist the maximum number and diversity of Canadian organizations and individuals to effectively share their expertise and voice their views to and through the media, and in other ways.
4. To educate these organizations and individuals that communication must be open, persuasive and repetitive to be as effective as possible.
For information about how to become listed in Sources, call 416-964-7799 or visit

The Sources website is built around a controlled-vocabulary subject index comprising more than 23,000 topics. This subject index is underpinned by Sources Intelligent Search system which helps reporters focus their searches by suggesting additional subjects related to their search terms. For example, a search for 'cancer' will suggest terms such as 'chemotherapy', 'melanoma', 'oncology', 'radiation therapy', 'tobacco diseases' and 'tumours', and as well as topics that actually contain the word 'cancer'.

Each topic reference links in turn to experts and spokespersons on that topic, with profiles describing their expertise and where relevant their approach to the issue, along with their phone numbers and other contact information. Sources includes listings for universities and research institutes, non-profit associations and NGOs, government and public sector bodies, businesses, and individuals including academics, public speakers, and consultants.

The subject index and the search menus are being translated into French, Spanish, and German to make Sources more of an international resource.

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