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Unabashed Self-Promoter's Guide
What Every Man, Woman, Child and Organization in America Needs to Know About Getting Ahead by Exploiting the Media

Lant, Dr. Jeffrey
Publisher:  JLA Publications, Cambridge, USA
Year Published:  1992   First Published:  1983
Pages:  363pp   Price:  35.00   ISBN:  0-940374-18-8

Table Of Contents
Special Preface For The Revised Second Edition
Chapter 1 Technical & Mental Prerequisites of the Unabashed Self-Promoter
Chapter 2 Fashioning a Quintessential American Success Image
Chapter 3 Information Sources for the Unabashed Self-Promoter
Chapter 4 Producing the Standard Media Kit
Chapter 5 Creating and Maintaining Your Self-Promotion Network
Chapter 6 How and Where to Gather Information
Chapter 7 Producing the Standard Media Kit
Chapter 8 Generating Articles about You
Chapter 9 Arranging and Handling the Print Media Interview
Chapter 10 Piggybacking and Multiple Use
Chapter 11 The Unabashed Self-Promoter in the Darkroom
Chapter 12 Rocking Around the Clock with the Unabashed Self-Promoter
Chapter 13 Arranging Your Electronic Media Interview
Chapter 14 The Successful Interview
Chapter 15 Arraning Your Media Wave: The Coordinated Approach to Unabashed Self-Promotion
Chapter 16 Books by and about You, the Unabashed Self-Promoter
Chapter 17 The Unabashed Self-Promoter and the Talk Circuit
Chapter 18 How and When to Use Publicists
Chapter 19 When and How to Use Negative Media
Chapter 20 A Potpourri of Promotional Possibilities
Appendix 1: Feature Syndicates
Appendix 2: Lecture Agencies
Samples Section
About The Author
JLA Sure-Fire Business Success Catalog

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