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From Starting to Marketing: Your Own Consulting Business

Pirie, Reg
Publisher:  Ink Ink Publishing, Thornhill, Canada
Year Published:  1997  
Pages:  184pp   Price:  16.95   ISBN:  0-9698196-1-7
Library of Congress Number:  HD62.5.P57 1997   Dewey:  658.1'1

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Anyone interested in increasing public awareness of their company will benefit from the ideas and strategies in From Starting to Marketing. Although this book is a practical guide on how to become a successful consultant, readers in many types of business ventures will be able to learn from author Reg Pirie's insights.

Pirie writes about one of the biggest business challenges readers will face: "to maintain and sustain a marketing presence while at the same time completing the work he or she is being paid to do." Pirie has created a step-by-step book for people interested in a long term, entrepreneurial career and those venturing into the world of self-employment.

From Starting to Marketing is divided into four theme areas: Focus, organization, research and activity. In the Focus section of the book, you can create goals, plan strategies and concentrate on qualities that set you apart from others. By organizing, you learn to avoid mistakes, set a pace and access goals. Research is the stage when you examine details, information, image and challenges. Activity is when you learn to follow their own guidelines and begin to network.

Through a two-fold plan, Pirie helps readers realize that success is achievable. Marketing and networking play an equal role in accomplishing goals. It takes a balancing act to incorporate both into a business plan, but thinking in terms of long term planning and maintaining momentum will help entrepreneurs develop strategies and stay in control.

From Starting to Marketing shows that networking is a people relationship. Image is the key to successful networking. Image encompasses such facets as telephone manners, letter writing, presentation and promotion. An example of the types of information in From Starting to Marketing is Pirie's suggestion to subscribe to leading periodicals in their field. "Everyone enjoys dealing with a well informed person," he writes.

Marketing yourself involves creativity. It can include anything from becoming involved in service clubs, associations and charitable organizations, or writing articles, guest speaking and attending conventions and trade shows.

Everyone is an expert in a certain area and should take every opportunity to get his or her message across to various groups. Pirie suggests illustrating "your knowledge about topics relating to your business. Getting your name in print is a good way to build awareness about your company."

From Starting to Marketing is a great book for independent consultants. It is also a good source of information and means to measure the quality of consultants you may wish to hire. No matter what your needs, Pirie lays down a plan of action that will help you to increase your profile, raise awareness about who you are and improve your public image.

[Review by Jean Coburn]

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