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Advertising on the Internet

Zeff, Robbin; Aronson, Brad
Publisher:  Wiley & Sons, Inc., New York, USA
Year Published:  1999  
Pages:  434pp   Price:  $38.95   ISBN:  0-471-34404-4
Library of Congress Number:  HF6146.I58Z43 1999   Dewey:  658.8'0025'4678--dc21

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Targeting the right customer with the right ad at the right time is a marketer's dream and this book shows how and why this has become a mantra for online advertisers.

Customization and personalisation are possible to a degree that is almost scary, with current technology. Short on hype, the examples used throughout the book are very realistic and easy to grasp.

In 14 well organized chapters, the authors have assembled dozens of Internet and marketing professionals who contribute editorial sidebars and even entire chapters, providing a well-rounded body of knowledge and experience. This is a good book to be reading next to a Web station, as there are hundreds of URLs peppered throughout, referencing resources, contributors and tech companies websites.

The book explains how online advertising is more measurable, accountable, traceable and interactive than any medium before it. Both mass marketing and direct marketing rules apply, and without understanding how Internet advertising is like these, and unique, you could be wasting your money advertising online.

Advertising on the Internet is a very comprehensive survey of the advertising models and methods that are emerging as the new medium takes shape.

The book also explores the wealth of marketing information that can be collected and compiled via the web, buying and selling advertising space on the Internet, and how to get your site and ads placed on search engines.

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