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The Great Canadian Book of Lists

Kearney, Mark; Ray, Randy
Publisher:  Dundurn, Canada
Year Published:  1999  
Pages:  326pp   Price:  $19.99   ISBN:  0-88882-213-8

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For those of you who want written acknowledgement that Canada has come into its own during the 20th century and has exercised increasing influence over the rest of the world, then take a look at this book of lists. It's Canadiana of a different sort - lists of pertinent, entertaining, educational information that document our unique history and cultural trends. Some lists are comparisons that transcend time. Consider the most popular baby names in Canada 1950 to 1998. How about Canada's Top News Stories 1900 - 2000. Or the leading causes of death in 1923, 1954 and 1995. There are twelve categories of lists, from arts & entertainment to politics and sports. There's even the lists of sexiest Canadian men and sexiest Canadian women (Pierre Trudeau and Shania Twain are the number one selections respectively.) The Great Canadian Book of Lists makes for great reading and great trivia questions. You'll be surprised, delighted, educated and intrigued by the entries - just what the authors wanted to accomplish.

[Review by Dean Tudor]

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