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Writing Down the Bones
Freeing the Writer Within

Goldberg, Natalie
Publisher:  Shambhala, USA
Year Published:  1986  
Pages:  172pp   ISBN:  0-87773-375-9
Library of Congress Number:  PN145.G64 1986   Dewey:  808'.02


Table of Contents

Beginner's Mind, Pen and Paper
First Thoughts
Writing as a Practice
Artistic Stability
A List of Topics for Writing Practice
Fighting Tufo
Trouble with the Editor
Elkton, Minnesota: Whatever's in Front of You
Tap the Water Table
We Are Not the Poem
Man Eats Car
Writing is Not a McDonald's Hamburger
Original Detail
The Power of Detail
Baking a Cake
Living Twice
Writers Have Good Figures
Don't Marr the Fly
Don't Use Writing to Get Love
What Are Your Deep Dreams?
Nervously Sipping Wine
Don't Tell, But Show
Be Specific
Big Concentration
The Ordinary and Extraordinary
Talk Is the Exercise Ground
Writing Is a Communal Act
One Plus One Equals a Mercedes-Benz
Be an Animal
Make Statements and Answer Questions
The Action of a Sentence
Writing in Restaurants
The Writing Studio
A Big Topic: Eroticism
A Tourist In Your Own Town
Write Anyplace
Go Further
Engendering Compassion
Doubt Is Torture
A Little Sweet
A New Moment
Why Do I Write?
Every Monday
More About Mondays
Spontaneous Writing Booths
A Sensation f Space
A Large Field to Wander In
The Goody-Two-Shoes Nature
No Hindrances
A Meal You Love
Use Loneliness
Blue Lipstick and a Cigarette Hanging Out Your Mouth
Going Home
A Story Circle
Writing Marathons
Claim Your Writing
Trust Yourself
The Samurai
Reading and Rewriting
I Don't Want to Die

Subject Headings

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