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Other Conundrums
Race, Culture, and Canadian Art

Gagnon, Mokia Kin
Publisher:  Arsenal Pulp Press - Artspeak Gallery - Kamploops Art Gallery, Canada
Year Published:  2000  
Pages:  195pp   ISBN:  1-55152-092-3
Library of Congress Number:  N6549.3.2000   Dewey:  704.03'00971

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Other Conundrums: Race, Culture and Canadian Art is a collection of essays on Canadian art written over a period of ten years. The essays discuss the history of cultural production in Canada and include overviews of the work of artists like Paul Wong, Henry Tsang and Jamelie Hassan. There is an emphasis on race, cultural diversity and cultural hybridity and discussion is spread over a number of media - film, video, writing and visual arts. According to the author, "this book reflects the way in which writing on art and culture became a vehicle to constitute a discourse of cultural difference in many different cultural locations". The book is well illustrated, with both coloured and black and white photographs. The author teaches Communication Studies at Concordia University.

[Abstract by Nabeeha Chaudhary]

Table of Contents

Artists and Works Reproduced

Foreword by Larissa Lai

Worldviews in Collision: Dana Claxton's Video Installations
Lexicon II
Building Blocks: Anti-Racism Initiatives in the Arts
How to Banish Fear: Letters from Calgary
Primer for Xenophilic Beginners
How to Search for Signs of Asian Life in the Video Universe
Can-Asian, eh? Three Hyphenated Canadian Artists
Lexicon (for Teresa)
Out in the Garden: Shani Mootoo's Xerox Works
The Possibilities of Knowledge: Jamelie Hassan
Go On, Push My Discursive Limits: The Ambivalence of Paul Wong's Video Works

Publisher Acknowledgements

Subject Headings

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