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Lies The Media Tell us

Winter, James
Publisher:  Black Rose Books
Year Published:  2007  
Professor and media critic James Winter has written a book that makes known the extent to which the mainstream media is subject to its corporate publishers and advertisers. Corporations have unprecedented editorial influence that has undermined journalistic credibility. Publishing critical, investigative or controversial stories has become too risky. The economic imperative driving the news media has incapacitated journalism to the point where reporters are censoring themselves. With the downsizing of newsrooms fewer writers are asked to perform more tasks which prevent then from having the time to find more diverse stories and has them relying more on wire copy. He demonstrates how journalists guided by editors who are influenced by publishers has led to adopted assumptions about citizens as consumers, little understanding of unions and activists and a romanticized view of journalistic objectivity and freedom of the press. This in turn has led to an uncritical press made more so after 9/11. Winter's believes in a democratic press that can act independently and can critique the state, ruling elite's, political parties and their policies. He proposes asking tough questions of the media and ending their entrenchment in the political and economic framework of the day and underlying links to the capitalist structure.

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