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The Canadian Writers' Guide
13th edition

Cormack, Paul G.; Shewchuk, Murphy O.
Publisher:  Canadian Authors Association - Fitzhenry & Whiteside
Year Published:  2003  
Pages:  554pp   ISBN:  1-55041-740-1
Library of Congress Number:  PN161.C22 2003   Dewey:  808'.02

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A great resource for writers who are just starting out in the business, as well as those who want to become more professional in their work. Dozens of writers have contributed their expertise and views to this volume. There are 15 sections, each section consisting of from anywhere from three to fifteen articles. Section titles include "Inspiration," "Look After Business," "Nonfiction Techniques," "Fiction Techniques," "Children & Young Adults," "Newspapers and Periodicals," "Books", "Theatre, Screen & Radio", "Non-Traditional Markets,", and "Writer's Reference." This is a book you'll take off the shelf when you're stuck and looking for advice on becoming unstuck.

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