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1000 Questions About Canada
Places, People, Things and Ideas. A Question-and-Answer Book on Canadian Facts and Culture.

Columbo, John Robert
Publisher:  Dundurn Press
Year Published:  2001  
Pages:  408PP   ISBN:  0-88882-232-4

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What was Pierre Elliott Trudeau's favourite snack food? Who named the Loonie? What is the Toronto Blessing? Who is the Canadian animator who created the near-sighted Mr. Magoo? The answers to these questions (and several hundred more) can be found in John Robert Columbo's latest question and answer book about the people, places, things and ideas that are uniquely Canadian. The third of its kind, researched and written by Canada's "Master Gatherer", 1000 Questions About Canada allows for the telling of interesting stories that dwell on curious events in the lives and history of Canadians. Written with an element of surprise, this book is intended for the general reader who reads to learn and particularly enjoys off beat trivia. It's a great edition for any Canadian who wants to be more informed about our great nation and an excellent testimony to one of Columbo's favourite mottos, "Canada needs only to be known to be great".

[Review by Lynn Fenske]

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