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A Short Course in Intellectual Self-Defense
Find Your Inner Chomsky

Baillargeon, Normand
Publisher:  Seven Stories Press
Year Published:  2008   First Published:  2005
Pages:  336pp   Price:  $18.50   ISBN:  978-1-58322-765-7
Library of Congress Number:  BF441.B26413 2007   Dewey:  121'.6-dc22

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Table of Contents


Part One: Some Indispensable Tools for Critical Thinking

1 Language
1.1 Treacherous Words
1.2 The Art of Mental Trickery and Manipulation: Some Everyday Fallacies

2 Mathematics: Those Who Refuse to Be Conned, Count!
2.1 Treating Common Forms of Innumeracy
2.2 Probability and Statistics

Part Two: On the Justification of Belief

3 Personal Experience
3.1 Perceiving
3.2 Remembering
3.3 Judging

4 Empirical and Experimental Science
4.1 Science and Experimentation
4.2 Science and Epistemology
4.3 A Few Questions for the Critical Reading of Research Results
4.4 The SEARCH Model

5 The Media
5.1 Another Kind of Democracy
5.2 The Propaganda Model of Media
5.3 Thirty-one Strategies for Fostering a Critical Approach to the Media

Appendix: Independent Media Guide
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