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Thinking for Results - Success Strategies

Park, Randy

Publisher:  Aronyd Publishing, Toronto, Canada
Year Published:  2004  
Pages:  216pp   Price:  $22.95   ISBN:  ISBN: 0-9733926-0-6
Library of Congress Number:  HD30.23.P37 2004   Dewey:  153.8'3

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  Randy Park, Author and Speaker -- "Decision Advancement"

You#re always thinking and making decisions . Maybe you claim they are #logical, rational# decisions - or maybe you feel you have great "intuition" or "gut instincts." But do you really understand your thinking? Thinking for Results stimulates you to think about how you think and discover new ways of viewing your situations. Not only thought provoking, it provides practical techniques which will increase your thinking effectiveness.

Smart organizations are starting to realize that empowering employees without teaching them how to make decisions can lead to unintended results. This book provides readers with a simple but powerful model of how people think - how they gather and process information. It describes where logic fits in, how we justify our decisions, and why we all make different decisions even when faced with the same information.

In this book, Randy Park reveals how you can:
- improve the speed and accuracy of your decision making
- significantly increase your probability of success
- predict the consequences of your actions
- improve your attitude and experience of life
- plan more effectively
- anticipate future events
- avoid the trap of more experience leading to lower performance
- improve interpersonal communications

#Randy Park has written a thoughtful and provocative book that will help broaden and deepen your thinking skills.#
Mark Sanborn, author, #The Fred Factor: How Passion in Your Work and Life Can Turn the Ordinary into the Extraordinary#

# No doubt about it # this book will get those mental wheels into high gear and help you go places!# Ian Percy, author, Going Deep and The 7 Secrets to a Life of Meaning.

Randy Park, B.Sc., M.Eng., is an expert in the practical aspects of how people think and make decisions. His dynamic keynote speeches, workshops, articles, e-newsletters and media interviews help people to think more strategically and consider the consequences of their decisions.

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