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Don't Think of an Elephant
Know Your Values and Frame the Debate

Lakoff, George
Publisher:  Chelsea Green Publishing, White River Junction, USA
Year Published:  2004  
Pages:  124pp   ISBN:  978-1931498715
Library of Congress Number:  JA85.2.U6L35 2004   Dewey:  320.51'3'0973--dc22
Lakoff explains how conservatives think, and how to counter their arguments. He outlines in detail the traditional American values that progressives hold, but are often unable to articulate. Lakoff also breaks down the ways in which conservatives have framed the issues, and provides examples of how progressives can reframe the debate.


Table of Contents:
Foreword by Howard Dean
Introduction by Don Hazen
Preface: Reframing Is Social Change

Part I: Theory and Application
1. Framing 101: How to Take Back Public Discourse
2. Enter the Terminator!
3. What's in a Word? Plenty, if It's Marriage
4. Metaphors of Terror
5. Metaphors That Kill
6: Betrayal of Trust: Beyond Lying

Part II: From Theory to Action
7. What the Right Wants
8. What Unites Porgressives
9. FAQ
10. How to Respond to Conservatives

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