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Content Magazine - Number 52
June 1975

Date Written:  01/06/1975
Year Published:  1975  

Tables of Contents:

The End of the Vietnam War: Three views of the coverage
1. How to cover a war and miss the five w's
2. Wordplay on the headline front
3. Editors' spikes were weapon of vietnam war
4. One story that didnt make the paper
5. The old political cartography
6. Which media had the greatest firepower in the war of the words about Vietnam
7. The Saigon babylift as a big con job: Seeing vietnam through colonial eyes

A Rebuttal to Ben Metcalfe by Brian O'Callaghan
Barry Craig watches the press watch the little flies
The Chastneed view from Paris could be an antidote to U.S. view
Book review: The pulitzer prizes
The pattern of courts and law coverage impales mainly the little flies

From readers: more newswriting errors

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