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Content Magazine - Number 57
November 1975

Date Written:  01/11/1975
Year Published:  1975  

Table of Contents:

Reporting the urgent need for new habitats: will the old news habits be good enough?
New Hope for the awardless have a flight at a flitch
Winnipeg Free Press employees narrowly defeat strike action
Amnesty International provides some hope for world's jailed journalists
Outdoor writers' association is gun-ho to stalk excellence, catch new members
Farm and outdoor writers mingle
More news writing fluffs cornered
First issue of hybrid is healthy if uneven new MacLean's rewards reader with nuggest
New maclean's graphics too Timelike: Critic
Candian cartooning best in North America
Broadcast executives cower before goverments even though influence of a Cronkite is massive
Canadian Weeklie first on continent to arrange co-operative audit plan
Canaidan science writers active internationally. Montreal's Fred Poland is the International Science Writers President
Future role of the press will be in-depth coverage according to U.N. Media survey in 200 countries

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