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Content Magazine - Number 63
June 1976

Date Written:  01/06/1976
Year Published:  1976  

Table of Contents:

The Press Blackout on the Aquash murder case
Freelancers shatter myth, organize solidly
Travel writing: An exchange
Weekend fatality roundup: Who needs it
The Newspaper Guild v. Canadian press; The Guild and managment, part 1: Guild members at CP inch toward a contract
And in Winnipeg, The stalemate between Guild local 233 and the managment of the Winnipeg Free Press serems no closer to resolution than it did when collective barganing for the local's first contract began two years ago
What the public wants and what the public gets in science information are two different things, a report called Media Impact says
When a white-57 year old middle class Candian buinsessman landed in a Mexican Jail, the Toronto Star sent a reporter to find out all about it. But when an attracticve 22-year old Canadian woman was murdered in the US the Star, like the rest of the press, ignored it. Bring Indian aids invisibility even in Death
A fascinaing exchange of letteres between investigative reporter Gerry McAuliffe and Hamilton Spectaror publisher John Muir on the journalistic shorcomings of much travel writing
Freelancers can never organize
A good reporter can make you feel diminished by one persons death.
Who asks questions at Southam Press's annual meeting. No one

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