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Content Magazine - September-October 1988
September-October 1988

Publisher:  Content, Toronto, Canada
Date Written:  01/09/1988
Year Published:  1988  
Pages:  36pp  

Table of Contents

3 Editor's notebook
4 Briefings
7 Misguided notions about libel - Rob Martin
9 Defining public libel - Wilfred Kesterton
11 Doing justice to sentencing - Doni Eve
12 The ailing information process - David Vienneau
14 Seeking partnership with industry - John Miler
16 Push to pagination - Catherine McKercher
19 Testing TV critics - Rob Haggart
20 Baton's big showdown - Tony Atherton
24 Hurdles on the freelance route - Barbara Graham
26 Vancouver's alternative radio - Ron Verzuh
28 The trend to tabloids - Murray Goldblatt
29 Accuracy and opinion polls
30 The Montreal Daily News - Warren Perley
33 Squeeze on journalists - Jim McKenzie
36 Single-copy market important

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