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Before Ontario
The Archaetology of Province

Munson, Marit K. ; Jamieson, Susan M.
Publisher:  McGill-Queen's University Press, Canada
Year Published:  2013  
Pages:  262pp   Price:  $39.95   ISBN:  9780773542082

A lively and accessible introduction to Ontario's Aboriginal past, from the province’s leading archaeologists.
Before Ontario there was ice. As the last ice age came to an end, land began to emerge from the melting glaciers. With time, plants and animals moved into the new landscape and people followed. For almost 15,000 years, the land that is now Ontario has provided a home for their descendants: hundreds of generations of First Peoples.

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Table of Contents


Introduction: Seeing Ontario’s Past Archaeologically
Neal Ferris

Part I A Land before Ontario

1 Water and Land
Andrew M. Stewart

2 Before Pottery: Paleoindian and Archaic Hunter-Gatherers
Christopher J. Ellis

3 The Woodland Period, 900 bce to 1700 ce
Ronald F. Williamson

4 The Aboriginal Population of Ontario in Late Prehistory
Gary Warrick

5 A World Apart? Ontario’s Canadian Shield
Scott Hamilton

Part II Telling Archaeological Stories

6 Place, Space, and Dwelling in the Late Woodland
Neal Ferris

7 Animals and Archaeologists
Suzanne Needs-Howarth

8 Plants and the Archaeology of the Invisible
Stephen G. Monckton

9 Stories in Stone and Metal
William Fox

10 Pots and Pipes: Artifacts Made from Clay
Mima Kapches

11 The Living Landscape
Cath Oberholtzer

12 Social and Political Lives
Susan M. Jamieson

13 Skeletal Evidence of Health and Disease among Iroquoians
Anne Keenleyside

14 Death and Burial in Woodland Times
Michael W. Spence

Part III The Last (But Not Final) Word

15 An Aboriginal Perspective
Kris Nahrgang


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