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The Magazine of Electronic Database Reviews

Publisher:  Online Inc., Plano, TX 75093, USA
Price:  $110/yr  
ISSN:  0162-4105

Database reviews and tests databases, such as multimedia encyclopedias and World Wide Web sites, and compares features and functions, allowing researchers to see which databases are best for their needs.

The cost of purchasing and using databases is presented in charts or provided by separate categories of interest, making it easy to quickly find affordable and useful databases. Database reviews help users determine the best and most cost-effective services without the costly trial and error of using each service on their own.

In a typical review of a for-fee news database on the World Wide Web, Database compared different access costs against the amount of information received, and suggested the rebate offered to users who allow their names to be placed on mailing lists may not be worth the increase in junk mail.

Readers were cautioned about the search function's lack of sophistication and Database suggested the news database is more useful for locating particular topics rather than for delivering comprehensive results. Most Database reviews conclude with a bulleted list of questions allowing readers to compare cost with ease-of-use, speed and how well their area of interest is represented.

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