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Billy Graham and David Mainse Recognized for their Lifetimes of Integrity
Canadian Council of Christian Charities
An association of 3,000 Canadian Christian ministries will recognize Billy Graham (represented by grandson Will Graham) and David Mainse for lifetimes of personal and organizational integrity. Coast P...
Photo Exhibit: Hyphen Islam-Christianity - Beit Zatoun Toronto - September 11, 2010
Beit Zatoun
An exhibition of 60 stunning photographs from Lebanon opening on September 11, at Beit Zatoun TORONTO. Hyphen Islam-Christianity brings together two religions, two cultures, respecting each other's di...
Quest for the Historical Jesus Begins Anew
Scholars gathered this past weekend for the inaugural meeting of The Jesus Project in a renewed quest for the historical Jesus. The project is an effort by historians, biblical scholars, and theologia...

Sources Select Resources

Beyond the Sacred
Malik, Kenan
A transcript on Malik's talk "Beyond the Sacred" at a conference on blasphemy.
Connexions Library: Religion Focus
Connexions Information Sharing Services
Selected articles, books, websites and other resources on religion.
Day, Dorothy
Connexipedia Article
American journalist, social activist, distributist, anarchist, and devout Catholic. (1897-1980).
Historiography of early Christianity
Sources Select Resources Encyclopedia
Historians have used a variety of sources and methods in exploring and describing the history of early Christianity, commonly known as the Christianity of the roughly three centuries (1st, 2nd, 3rd, e...
Liberation theology
Connexipedia Article
The Theology of Liberation is a theology in which the salvation or liberation wrought by Christ is examined not only in terms of liberation from individual sin, but also in terms of liberation in othe...
The Many Roots of Christian Europe
Malik, Kenan
This is a transcript of a I talk I gave yesterday at the LSE Literary Festival. My thanks to Arthur Bradley who also took part and responded to many of the themes I raised here and to Danielle Sands o...
A Marxist History of the World part 20: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
Faulkner, Neil
Neil Faulkner examines how the three great monotheistic religions produced by the contradictions of the ancient world owed their extraordinary power to their origins in the myths and rituals of the op...
A Marxist History of the World part 36: The Reformation
Faulkner, Neil
The Reformation after 1521 tore apart church and state. Neil Faulkner looks at how the new social forces formed inside late medieval Europe helped undermine the thousand year domination of the Roman C...
Muslims, Jews and Christians imposing an imagined past, with disastrous results
Davidson, Lawrence
Redress Information & Analysis
The truth is that there are millions of people – Muslims, Jews and Christians and others – who not only still idealise a religiously imagined past, but want, in one way or another, to import that past...
Protestant Reformation
Sources Select Resources Encyclopedia
The Protestant Reformation, also called the Protestant Revolt or simply The Reformation, was the European Christian reform movement that established Protestantism as a constituent branch of contempora...
Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)
Connexipedia Article
A religious movement, whose members are known as Friends or Quakers.
Rethinking The Idea Of 'Christian Europe'
Malik, Kenan
Looking to the traditional, moral and identity platform of Christianity in Europe.
Schweitzer, Albert
Connexipedia Article
German-French theologian, musician, philosopher, and physician. (1875-1965).
Why There are Few Christians Left in the Holy Town of Bethlehem
Cook, Jonathan
Dissident Voice
This is the time of year when they have a chance to break out of an isolation enforced in concrete since Israel enclosed the town with a "separation wall" more than a decade ago.

Sources Bookshelf

The Empire God Built
Inside Pat Robertson's media machine
Foege, Alec
A profile of the demagogue who become one of the most successful media moguls in the world.


The Anglican
News, editorials, and book reviews.
Anglican Journal
National news magazine of the Anglican Church of Canada. Covering issues of importance to Anglicans.
For Jehovah's Witnesses and the public, by Jehovah's Witnesses.
Canada Lutheran
For members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada.
Canadian Christianity
Christian Info Society was established in 1982 to serve the Christian community through the enhancement and promotion of communication, co-operation, and continuity among Churches and para-Church orga...
Commentary of current events as well as news about Citizens for Public Justice.
Catholic Insight
Christian heritage, liturgy, history, cultural, social and religious issues.
Catholic Register
A national weekly newsmagazine about issues of interest to Catholics and others.
Catholic Times
Tabloid format magazine.
Christian Courier
Reporting events and providing commentary from a Christian perspective.
Christian Life in London
Reflecting the diversity of over 250 churches in the London area.
Christian Renewal
For reformed Christians.
Christian programming.
Diocesan Times
For the Anglican community in Nova Scotia and PEI.
Faith & Friends
Christian magazine.
Faith Today
Seeking to inform, equip and inspire Christians across Canada.
Grace TV
Broadcasts Religious programming dedicated to the Christian faith. Programming on Grace TV varies from ministry teachings, music, drama, movies, and documentaries.
Huron Church News
News and information for members of the Anglican Church, Huron.
Living Light News
Christian tabloid.
Mennonite Historian
Journal devoted to articles and news items related to the history of Mennonites in Canada.
Pentecostal Testimony
Communicating with the Pentecostal fellowship with a view to inform, instruct and inspire.
Prairie Messenger
Roman Catholic.
Presbyterian Record
Issues relative to the Christian faith and timely news analysis and opinions of interest especially to Presbyterians.
Presence Magazine
Information and reflection from a Christian perspective on events and tendancies of actual society.
Sunday Magazine
Christian news from the Vancouver Island region and abroad.
United Church Observer
The world from a Christian perspective.
Western Catholic Reporter
WCR serves primarily the Edmonton Archdiocese. However, it is read throughout Canada and the US.

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