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CFIQ elects new chair
CFIQ - The Quebec voice of The Investment Funds Institute of Canada (IFIC)
The Board of Governors of CFIQ has elected a new chair. Claude Paquin (president, financial services - Quebec, Investors Group Financial Services) assumes the role following the departure of Stehane L...
The Investment Funds Institute of Canada (IFIC)
Toronto, Ontario Financial advice tied to key life events such as Parenthood, Divorce and Leaving a Job, took centre stage on December 2 when Dynamic Funds was awarded IFICs Investor Education Award ...
New Co-op fixes what’s wrong with investing
Investors-Aid Co-operative of Canada
Investing should be safe, simple, and low cost. This growing Co-op helps Canadians get fair returns with reduced costs and capital loss. Investing on your own couldn't be easier.
Sources welcomes Investors-Aid Co-operative of Canada
Investors-Aid Co-operative of Canada
Sources welcomes a new member: Investors-Aid Co-operative of Canada. Investors-Aid Co-operative of Canada is the country's only national consumer organization working on behalf of investors and savers...

Sources Bookshelf

Killing the Host
How Financial Parasites and Debt Bondage Destroy the Global Economy
Hudson, Michael
In Killing the Host, economist Michael Hudson exposes how finance, insurance, and real estate (the FIRE sector) have seized control of the global economy at the expense of industrial capitalism and go...
Relationship Goals
An Insider's Guide to Your Relationship with Your Money, Your Investment Advisor and Your Future
Almasi, Todd
Veteran industry expert Todd Almasi answers many questions in his book – Relationship Goals – An Insider’s Guide to Your Relationship with Your Money, Your Investment Advisor and Your Future.


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