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New Co-op fixes what’s wrong with investing

November 1, 2010

New Co-op fixes what’s wrong with investing

Fixing costly, risky investments that can’t hit a benchmark takes typical Canadian patience…and all the help you can get.

Simple, safe, and low cost is why Investors-Aid was founded just over two years ago.

Since then the Co-op has grown from the four founders into Canada’s largest consumer organization for investors, with close to 600 members from all provinces.

“Industry change is way too slow. Canadians needed help now,” says Garth Rustand, Executive Director. “It didn’t make sense. Canadians lose half their returns paying the highest costs in the world, and then they get clobbered with capital loss because of the way advisors are paid.”

And the fixes are easy to make, with or without an advisor.

The best investments, like ETFs or dividend/index funds, have the lowest cost and risk which means better long term returns.

Co-op guides, workbooks, consumer reports, portfolios, best product listings, online tools, online help, portfolio quick fix checklists, and specially-negotiated advisory options can help members cut costs by up to 70% with greater safety. Hundreds of volunteer hours and a network of supportive professionals allow members access to hidden industry discounts and other issues.

“We even offer ‘roadside assistance’ with a new Dispute Support Service. This situation can be a nightmare, but now at least members know they have the Co-op on their side.”

Much of the Co-op’s growth comes from investors wanting independent consumer information that can help them manage on their own.

The Co-op stays independent by not selling investments or management services.

For more information contact:
Garth Rustand
Executive Director
Investors-Aid Co-operative of Canada
Phone: 1-877-660-4422

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