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New Democratic Party (NDP): Experts and Sources
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CEC mourns the loss of Jack Layton
Canadian Ethnocultural Council
The Canadian Ethnocultural Council, (CEC) its members and supporters are saddened by the passing of the Honourable Jack Layton, Leader of Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition and Leader of the New Democrati...
Jewish group to Layton: Investigate Israel/Palestine with Neutral Hosts
Independent Jewish Voices
The NDP should reject the invitation of the Canada-Israel Committee to host or facilitate a trip by Jack Layton and caucus members to Israel, says Independent Jewish Voices # Canada. They should be g...
Peggy Nash on NDP Policy on Nuclear Weapons Abolition
Hiroshima Day Coalition
MP Peggy Nash to outline NDP policy on nuclear weapons abolition in Toronto during the Hiroshima/ Nagasaki commemoration ceremony August 9, 2012 (Nagasaki Day) at the Church of the Holy Trinity in Tor...

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Catastrophe: The NDP lost because it deserved to
Laxer, Michael
The Left Chapter
It is, ultimately, astounding how facile and false political narratives come back to haunt those who insist on their veracity.
The hidden history of Bob Rae's government in Ontario
Caplan, Gerald
Globe and Mail
Just winning next election not enough for Liberals or NDP
Fillmore, Nick
if there is a new government, it will come to power with the extreme right wing more entrenched than ever before.... Aggressive organizations are determined to maintain policies that tend to reward th...
Lewis attacks Waffle, begins to purge faction from NDP
Wafflers only allowed three-minute rebuttals
The Varsity
In March 1972, Ontarion NDP leader Stephen Lewis delivered a major attack against the party's left-wing Waffle group, laying the ground for forcing the Waffle to either disband or to leave the party.
Local NDP Fights to Keep Waffle Movement in Party
Diemer, Ulli
Seven News
The NDP's St. David provincial riding association is working to find a way of keeping the Waffle movement in the party, challenging Stephen Lewis's move to expel the Waffle.
Losing Toronto: How Olivia Chow and the left may be giving away an election
Laxer, Michael
As we head into the Labour Day weekend that may be accurately deemed to be the start of the homestretch of Toronto's very long mayoral and council election season, the news is not good for leftists or...
NDP campaign enters panic mode
Needham, Fraser
The Left Chapter
If in politics a week can be a lifetime, a month can be an eternity -- especially in an election campaign.
New Democratic Party
Sources Select Resources Encyclopedia
The New Democratic Party, commonly referred to as the NDP, is a social democratic political party in Canada. The party is regarded as falling on the left in the Canadian political spectrum.
Red Menace #3
Volume 2, Number 2 - Spring 1978
Serial Publication (Periodical)
Libertarian Socialist Collective
A Libertarian Socialist Newsletter
Shades of Grey -- A Left Chapter look at strategy, tactics and endorsements in the 2015 election
Laxer, Michael
The Left Chapter
With just under two weeks to go until election day, anti-capitalist leftists are in something of a quandary.

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Canada Since 1960: A People's History
A Left Perspective on 50 Years of Politics, Economics and Culture
Gonick, By (ed.)
An account of the most important developments in Canadian history from the 1960s to today, seen through the eyes of Canadian Dimension magazine.


Canadian Dimension
An independent magazine of the Canadian Left, of interest to radical Left and anti-capitalist activists and interested observers.

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