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Snack Foods: Experts and Sources
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Foodies To Become 'Do-Goodies' In Innovative Cookbook Contest For Charity
Shearer's Foods, Inc.
Snack producer seeks 50 original recipes using riceworks# crisps as an ingredient.
Hollywood Stars Enjoy Swag Bag Heaven at 2010 Golden Globe Awards
Snack Alliance Inc.
Gourmet Snack Maker Earns A-List Recognition for Inclusion in Swanky Loot Bags for Movie Stars and Award Show Party-Goers.
Homemade Gluten-Free Snacks
Need gluten free snacks? You can make them at home and avoid the expense and frustration of looking for great snacks. Here are some ideas.
Jamie Oliver, Julia Child and now, Thanks to riceworks, you?
Shearer's Foods Canada, Inc.
New cookbook for charity to feature top 50 recipes submitted in online contest.
Low Calorie Gluten-Free Snacks For the Whole Family
You can make great gluten free snacks at home. Here are some ideas that will be fun for the whole family to make and eat!
New FlatJacks Chicken Snacks Launch With Contest to Win Cash, iPods, Macs and Other Flat Prizes
Fuse Marketing Group
After twice winning Canadian family food awards for their chicken strips, Janes Family Foods introduces FlatJacks with the Jack Be Quick contest and videos about a flat, hard-to-catch chicken.
Online Surveys Pay Off For Snack Marketer and Hard-Hit Charities
Snack Alliance Inc.
Popular Snack Maker Finds Creative Way to Improve Product Development and Fund Charities
riceworks Awards Harlem's America Scores $4,000 in Online Contest
Shearer's Foods Canada, Inc.
Healthy snack maker announces final winner of its ‘How riceworks Better’ contest
Thrilling New Drink and Snack Pairing Helps Beat the Heat - In Style
Shearer's Foods, Inc.
Record-breaking temperatures do little to slow wine lovers and foodies. In the Niagara Region, N#Icewine Slushies are making a splash, while Salsa Fresca riceworks# is the perfect partner for food pai...
What will Canadians eat During Canada Day Celebrations?
Shearer's Foods Canada, Inc.
Two riceworks# contests launch with free snacks in Ottawa on July 1, 2010.
What will Queen Elizabeth Snack on During the Canada Day Pageantry?
Shearer's Foods Canada, Inc.
Monarch and Prince Phillip in Ottawa same time as riceworks crisps contests launch.

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