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IJV endorses United Church Working Group call to boycott settlement products
Independent Jewish Voices
The United Church of Canada's Working Group on Israel/Palestine Policy's report has been attacked by the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs. IJV is supporting the right of the Church to make its own...
IJV supports United Church members' right to make their own decision on boycott, free from threats
Independent Jewish Voices
Jewish group stakes out position supporting United Church committee's call for action against illegal Israeli settlements in the form of boycott campaign, rejects pressure on Church from senators, pro...
Independent Jewish Voices commends United Church for finalizing stand against Israeli occupation
Independent Jewish Voices
IJV supports United Church for taking courageous stand against Israeli occupation.
Jewish human rights group applauds United Church decision on Israeli settlements
Independent Jewish Voices
IJV applauds United Church decision to boycott settlement products.
Jewish human rights group available for comment on United Church resolution to boycott Israel settlement
Independent Jewish Voices
IJV spokesperson available for comment on United Church boycott issue
Network of United Church Members Calls for Boycott and Divestment to End the Occupation
The United Church Network for a Just Peace in Palestine and Israel
Network of United Church members is advocating that Church members endorse boycott and divestment of Israeli products produced in the illegally occupied Palestinian territories at the Church's upcomin...
Rabbi calls on United Church delegates to vote for boycott of settlement products
Independent Jewish Voices
Rabbi endorses Church boycott of products from illegal Israeli settlements

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The First Stone: Homosexuality and the United Church
Riordon, Michael
A dramatic account of the tumultuous decade-long struggle in the United Church of Canada to balance faith, sexuality and human rights. Drawing on the church's history, and more than one hundred person...


United Church Observer
The world from a Christian perspective.

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