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News Release

Funding of Health Care

Resolution Adopted by Medical Reform Group of Ontario October 14, 1979

WHEREAS the percentage of the Ontario budget spent on health care continues to decrease,

WHEREAS many existing community projects are being cut, or forced to close,

WHEREAS there have been massive hospital bed closures which have not been compensated for by opening more appropriate facilities, and massive layoffs of hospital staff that have adversely affected the quality of care,

WHEREAS OHIP premiums constitute a form of regressive taxation, with lower income citizens paying a higher proportion of their incomes in premiums,

1) The health care cutbacks be reversed.
2) The health care budget be increased yearly to at least keep pace with inflation.
3) More money be allocated to the important areas of preventive medicine and community-based services, and this money not come from cutting other essential services such as education and social services.
4) Until alternate facilities exist, hospital bed cuts be stopped and wards re-opened to shorten waiting lists for care.
S) The important role of all health workers be recognized and cutbacks in staffing be reversed.
6) OHIP premiums be abolished and funding for health care come from progressive forms of taxation.

BE IT RESOLVED THAT the MRG pass the above resolution as statements of principle, and to serve as guidelines for future work in these areas.

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