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News Release

Resolution on the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontarion and User Fees

The Medical Reform Group of Ontario

RESOLUTION on: The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario and User Fees

WHEREAS the College is an independent body entrusted to serve and protect the public interest

WHEREAS membership in the College is compulsory for all licensed physicians

WHEREAS the College has traditionally canvassed the membership on major issues affecting human health care

WHEREAS the imposition of user fees is a controversial issue of great magnitude and major political importance

WHEREAS a substantial body of expert opinion based on scientific evidence holds that user fees are in direct conflict with the public interest

Be it resolved that in regard to the College brief to the April 24-27, 1983 Ontario Council of Health conference:

1) the MRG affirm its opposition to user fees, all deterrent fees and any measure that leads to privatization of the health care system

2) the MRG declare that the College has acted contrary to the public interest by advocating user fees

3) the MRG publicly declare its dismay and disapproval of the College position advocating user fees

4) the MRG publicly state that the College has acted undemocratically in not soliciting the views of the College membership regarding user fees, breaking with all tradition and precedent of canvassing the membership on issues of importance

5) the MRG demand that the College publicly and immediately retract its position in support of user fees

6) the MRG direct the provincial MRG Steering Committee to take appropriate action in accordance with these resolutions

7) the MRG adopt the pre-amble as part of its position with regard to the College and user fees

PASSED April 23, 1983

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