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News Release

Medical Reform Group
Calls For Medically-Insured
Free-Standing Abortion Clinics

April 24, 1985

The Medical Reform Group, a group of 150 physicians in Ontario, takes this opportunity, on this 'Day of Action' to restate our support for the establishment of medically-insured free-standing abortion clinics in Ontario. Such clinics, which are currently operating in the province of Quebec, have an excellent safety record and actually reduce the overall risks to women, by allowing women to have an abortion earlier in their pregnancies.

We ask the Ontario government to stop its 'head in the sand' approach on the question of abortion: to stop the prosecution of Dr. Morgentaler who has been aquitted by jury four times in this country, and establish government sponsored medically insured clinics which would vastly improve the health care of women in this province.

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