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News Release

MRG Decries Further OMA Protest And Urges Doctors To Negotiate End To Extra-Billing

January 18, 1986

The Medical Reform Group of Ontario, a group representing 150 doctors and medical students , today expressed its disappointment that the Ontario Medical Association had not decided to enter into meaningful negotiations with the Provincial government to end extra-billing. Dr. Michael Rachlis, a spokesman for the MRG, said that he viewed it as unfortunate that the OMA was going to continue to fight the legislation when public opinion polls have consistently shown that three-quarters of the Ontario population is opposed to extra-billing.

Dr. Rachlis was particularly concerned that some of the OMA's tactics might end up hurting patients. He noted that the OMA's call to doctors to send patients to emergency departments after-hours would inconvenience patients and staff. Rachlis also noted that the OMA statement asked doctors to break the law if the proposed legislation is passed.

"Instead of asking their members to break the law, the OMA leaders should be sitting down with the government to talk. By acting more responsibly now the OMA can have more influence on future changes to the health care system " said Dr. Rachlis.

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Dr. Michael Rachlis
Dr. Philip Berger

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