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Canada's National News Media Magazine
June 1977, Number 75

Semi-Annual Directory Issue


A Directory of Contacts For Editors and Reporters in Canada

Encompassing information officers, public relations officers, media relations and public affairs people, and other contacts for groups, associations, federations, unions, societies, institutions, foundations, industries and companies and federal, provincial and municipal ministries, departments, agencies and boards.

First Edition

Compiled and organized by the editors of Content, Canada's National News Media Magazine.
(Updatings carried monthly in Content)

About this directory ..

Reporters frequently seek out those who would rather not be sought out. Then question them when they would rather not be questioned. This directory will be of little help in such situations, which are a matter for hard-nosed journalistic work.

In most cases, however, good journalism means sweating out the best questions and putting them to the best spectrum of sources. This directory can help in these circumstances.

A remarkable array of available information is represented in the listings in this book, which even in this, its first, edition is the most comprehensive of its kind ever published in Canada. The media contact persons listed are ready to answer questions, provide background material, help you check facts, or help you get in touch with others who have the information your story requires.

To help us improve for the Fall 1977 edition (already assured of being significantly larger) be sure to send us your criticisms, praise and especially suggestions. (See the suggestion form on the inside back cover.)

Remember to watch Content monthly for updatings of the listings. Keep Sources handy so it can help you today, tomorrow, or in the coming months.

Publisher: Barrie Zwicker
Managing Editor and Design: Ray Bendall
Business Manager: Norah Zwicker

For valuable assistance on this first edition of Sources we thank Mary Marum, Terry O'Connor, Ken Popert, Becky Schechter, Sheryl Taylor-Munro, Paul Wilson and W.G. Zwicker. Willie Filler and newsboy logo drawn by Don Hawkes.

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