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News Release

Dogs at Work

June 2000

Journalists use Sources all the time when they're working on their stories, and while normally it's the organizations listed in Sources who get quoted in the media, from time to time Sources itself gets media exposure in its own right.

One recent instance was a story in the Toronto Star: "Dogs make workplace more human" (June 15, 2000). The story, by Working Life columnist Judith Timson, says that "taking your dog to work is a happening thing, at least in some businesses. Creative types are doing it, employees at small businesses are doing it, even instructors at local colleges and universities do it."

The story quotes Kirsten Cowan, Circulation and Promotions Manager at Sources, whose 100-pound Newfoundland dog Tova regularly makes the commute to the Sources office. Kirsten is quoted as saying that Tova's presence is a "highly pleasurable" feature of the office ambience.

Tova, who was asleep when the reporter called, is not quoted in the story.

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