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Fri, 21 Jan 2005

To: Sources recipients, journalists and media organizations

Your copy of the Sources directory now available as PDF

Dear journalist,

The Sources directory has been sent free of charge to the Canadian media, including qualified individual journalists and freelancers such as yourself, since 1977.

Sources continues to be freely available on the Sources Web site for reporters, writers, editors, and researchers, and in addition we have now posted a PDF version of the print edition which you are free to download.

Because printing and mailing costs keep rising, and because most Sources users have easy access to Sources on the Internet, we are now asking individual users who also want copies of the print edition mailed to them to cover the cost of sending the books in the mail.

We know that many journalists continue to use the print edition, for good reason, because print directories offer benefits that Web sites don't. You can flip through a book looking for ideas, and books can go places that computers can't.

So we offer two ways you can still get the print version of Sources:

  1. You can download the PDF version from the Sources Web site and print your own copy. You'll find it at www.sources.com/Download.htm.
  2. You can continue to get a copy of the book mailed to you every six months if you cover the costs of printing and mailing. That cost is $19.74 a year, including tax, and it truly covers only our printing and mailing costs, nothing else.

To get your print copy mailed to you, send your cheque to:

489 College Street, Suite 305, Toronto ON M6G 1A5

Or you can pay by credit card by phoning 416-964-5735.

As always, your comments about Sources and what we can do to make more helpful to you are always appreciated.


Ulli Diemer, Publisher

Toronto, Ontario, , Canada         Tel:
Copyright © Sources, All rights reserved.