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Amelia Frances Howard

- Gibbon Illustrator's Award


And the winner is...

2006 The Baabaasheep Quartet , Leslie Elizabeth Watts ( Fitzhenry & Whiteside)
2005 Monkey Business, Wallace Edwards (Kids Can Press)
2004 Stanley's Party, Linda Bailey, Illustrated by Bill Slavin (Kids Can Press)
2003 The Art Room, Susan Vande Griek, Illustrated by Pascal Milelli (Groundwood Books/Douglas & McIntyre)
2002 Where I Live, Frances Wolfe (Tundra Books)
2001 The Magnificent Piano Recital, Laura Fernandez and Rick Jacobson (Orca Book Publishers)
2000 The Dragon New Year: A Chinese Legend, Zhong-Yang Huang (Raincoast Books)
1999 A Child's Treasury of Nursery Rhymes, Kady MacDonald Denton (Kids Can Press)
1998 The Party, Barbara Reid (Scholastic Canada)
1997 Ghost Train, Harvey Chan (Groundwood/Douglas & McIntyre)
1996 Just Like New, Karen Reczuch (Groundwood Books)
1995 Gifts, Barbara Reid (North Winds Press)
1994 Last Leaf First Snowflake to Fall, Leo Yerxa (Groundwood/Douglas & McIntyre)
1993 The Dragon's Pearl, Paul Morin (Oxford University Press)
1992 Waiting for the Whales, Ron Lightburn (Orca Book Publishers)
1991 Orphan Boy, Paul Morin (Oxford University Press)
1990 Til All the Stars Have Fallen: Canadian Poems for Children, Kady MacDonald Denton (Kids Can Press)
1989 Amos's Sweater, Kim LaFave (Groundwood Books)
1988 Rainy Day Magic, Marie-Louise Gay (Stoddart Publishing Co.)
1987 Moonbeam on a Cat's Ear, Marie-Louise Gay (Stoddart Publishing Co.)
1986 Zoom Away, Ken Nutt (Groundwood Books)
1985 Chin Chiang and the Dragon's Dance, Ian Wallace (Groundwood Books)
1984 Zoom at Sea, Ken Nutt (Groundwood Books)
1983 Chester's Barn, Lindee Climo (Tundra Books)
1982 Ytek and the Arctic Orchid, Heather Woodall (Douglas & McIntyre)
1981 The Trouble with Princesses, Douglas Tait (McClelland and Stewart)
1980 The Twelve Dancing Princesses, Laszlo Gal (Methuen)
1979 A Salmon for Simon, Ann Blades (Douglas & McIntyre)
1978 The Loon's Necklace, Elizabeth Cleaver (Oxford University Press)
1977 Down by Jim Long's Stage, Pam Hall (Breakwater)
1976 A Prairie Boy's Summer, William Kurelek (Tundra Books)
1975 The Sleighs of My Childhood, Carlo Italiano (Tundra Books)
1974 A Prairie Boy's Winter, William Kurelek (Tundra Books)
1973 Au-Dela du Soleil/Beyond the Sun, Jacques de Roussan (Tundra Books)
1972 A Child in Prison Camp, Shizuye Takashima (Tundra Books)
1971 The Wind Has Wings, Elizabeth Cleaver (Oxford University Press)




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