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Your Guide to Public Speaking

Secrets of Power Presentations, 6th edition

Reviewed by Jean Coburn

The Achievement Group 1991, 242 pp, $15.95 ISBN 0-9695066-0-0

by Peter Urs Bender

Public speaking is said to be the number one fear of adults in the Western world; it ranks worse than death for most of us. In Secrets of Power Presentations, Peter Urs Bender teaches readers how to conquer this fear by learning the steps to better communication.

Speech is only one of the many components of communication. People experience messages using all of their senses.Power Presentations emphasizes all five elements of a successful presentation: Speech, body language, equipment, environment and preparation.

Bender does not overwhelm his readers. He raises awareness of all the aspects of presenting and, in a reassuring tone, explains how we are all capable of it. The experiences and lessons in the book enable readers to present with confidence, no matter what the occasion. Whether you plan on speaking at staff meetings, board meetings, a town hall or a press conference, Power Presentations will help you develop your skills.

This book is organized in the same manner presentations should be - as a complete package. Bender shows readers how to break down a presentation and turn it into manageable parts. He then lays out a plan of action which is both easy to read and interesting. Power Presentations is punctuated by graphs, quotes, charts, lists, checklists and evaluations, all of which make the book useful as a tool for self-evaluation.The Secrets of Power Presentations is a no-nonsense guide to public speaking.

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