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The Nereus Writers’ Trust Non-Fiction Prize

The Nereus Writers’ Trust Non-Fiction Prize
Sponsored by Nereus Financial Inc
Winner $15,000; Finalists $2,000

The Nereus Writers' Trust Non-Fiction Prize is for a work of non-fiction that, in the opinion of the judges, shows the highest literary merit.

This award was originally established by Viacom and sponsored by Pearson Canada for 6 years prior to the generous sponsorship committment of Nereus Financial in 2006.

Previous Winners

2005 John Vaillant for The Golden Spruce: A True Story of Myth, Madness and Greed
2004 Elaine Dewar for The Second Tree: Of Clones, Chimeras, and Quests for Immortality
2003 Brian Fawcett for Virtual Clearcut or, the Way Things Are in My Hometown
2002 Jake MacDonald for Houseboat Chronicles: Notes from a Life in Shield Country
2001 Clark Blaise for Time Lord
2000 Erna Paris for Long Shadows: Truth, Lies and History
1999 Modris Eksteins for Walking Since Daybreak: A Story of Eastern Europe, World War II and the Heart of our Century
1998 Rudy Wiebe & Yvonne Johnson for Stolen Life: The Journey of a Cree Woman
1997 Ernest Hillen for Small Mercies: A Boy After War

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