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A New Service from SOURCES: Parliamentary Names & Numbers

Letter from the Publisher: Barrie Zwicker

Why Parliamentary Names & Numbers?

Because many of you asked for it. And because it is in line with our unchanging goal at SOURCES: to provide more, better and more diverse contacts for journalists.

To function effectively, Canada's democracy requires that Parliamentarians be available and accountable to the public, directly and through the media. Parliamentary Names & Numbers is a unique practical aid for the media.

This section can help you reach the right Parliamentarian for your story, be that a cabinet minister, an executive assistant, an Opposition or third party critic, a committee chairperson or a press aide. This section can help you reach that person fast. It is the handiest such reference. It's the only one updated every six months. And it's the only one cross-referenced by subject.

Thanks to the Sponsors

To Canada Safeway Limited and Thome Stevenson & Kellogg we extend deep gratitude. They have joined SOURCES in pioneering the sponsored presentation of this wealth of Parliamentary information for journalists.

Their financial involvement has made the launch of the section possible.

Further sponsorship is required to make Parliamentary Names & Numbers a permanent feature. Interested organizations should call Mary Walsh at (416) 633-1773.

How to Use Parliamentary Names & Numbers

You can find Parliamentary sources three ways:

  1. By Parliamentarian, alphabetically, if you know his or her name. See Members of Parliament Alphabetical List, page 236.
  2. By subject, alphabetically. See the Parliamentary Subject Guide, page 235.
  3. By riding, alphabetically within each province. Provinces are listed West to East. See pages 221-234.

    The master list of ridings is the main data base of Parliamentary Names & Numbers.

    Each riding is assigned a number (starting with Burnaby riding in British Columbia, number 1, and ending with St. John's West in Newfoundland, number 282), for ease of reference.


You are working on a story about some aspect of world hunger. Besides the six organizations listed under "Hunger" in the main SOURCES Subject Guide, a check of the Parliamentary Subject Guide turns up Agriculture, External Affairs, External Relations, Fisheries, Foreign Aid, Oceans (a straight cross-index with Fisheries) and Wheat Board as possible leads.

(Under Foreign Aid alone you will be guided to ridings 14, 52 and 220. These will turn up the responsible minister, Hon. Joe Clark, two phone numbers for him and the names of his Parliamentary Secretary and three assistants. You will find the Opposition Critic, Jean Chretien, three phone numbers and the names of two assistants. You will find NDP critic Pauline Jewett and three phone numbers.)

Other features

Under Other Important Numbers (page 235) you'll find caucus chairpersons, House leaders, party national offices. Whips, the Speaker's Office and the office of the Sergeant-at-Arms.

Under Some MP Haunts (page 237) you'll find some further numbers to try — especially in the evening hours — when you're desperate.

About Comprehensiveness

It was not possible to obtain most of the names of Parliamentary committee members at the time this section was being put together. These and other information gaps will be filled in the next (Winter 85/ 86) edition of SOURCES.

Your drawing our attention to other omissions and to incorrect information will be much appreciated.

Your Suggestions Are Needed

How valuable is Parliamentary Names & Numbers to you, the working journalist? In what ways, specifically? We need your suggestions for improvement and possible expansion. Should we attempt to add key civil servants? Provincial cabinet ministers? Ottawa lobby groups? How can organization of the material be improved? Let us know.

A postage-prepaid Feedback Questionnaire, very simple and easy to fill out, was printed on the sleeve which wrapped this directory. If that is gone, a duplicate can be found inside the front cover.

We also need your help another way. It too is simple and costs you nothing. It's about contacts you found through SOURCES. Please tell them you found them here. This kind of identifiable feedback improves the re-listing rate, building more comprehensiveness for you and strength for further growth of this directory (which also helps you). Everyone wins. But only you can, first, make more use of SOURCES and then let contacts know SOURCES helped you.

Thank you,

Barrie Zwicker,
Editor and Publisher



Published in Sources, Summer 1985

Copyright © Sources, All rights reserved.