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Changing times = new organizations



In the Summer 1991 Edition a new Subject Index heading, 'New Companies," was introduced. It had three entries.

Reflecting the number of freshly-minted organizations coming onto the scene, under "New Companies" in this edition's Subject Index, you'll find 21 entries.

In alphabetical order they are:

  • Action Group Against Harassment in the Workplace, L-2
  • Agri-Food Network, L-4
  • The Breathalyser Co. Ltd., L-219
  • Burlington Breast Support Services, L-21
  • Canadian Centre for Drug-Free Sport, L-38
  • Canadian Labour Force Development Board, L-59
  • Economic Developers Council of Ontario, L-96
  • Future Skills International, L-219
  • H2O Products, L-109
  • International Institute for Sustainable Development, L-122
  • MADD Canada, L-131
  • National Association of Major Mail Users Inc., L-142
  • North American Bureau of Investigation, L-151
  • The O Canada Foundation, L-153
  • Ontario Head Injury Association, L-157
  • Ontario Taxpayer's Coalition, L-165
  • Pet Loss Support Group, L-170
  • POS Pilot Plant Corporation, L-168
  • Rural Business Institute, L-181
  • United Voices for Fair Treatment in Child Care, L-205
  • Ward Executive International, L-211

By putting their best feet forward in sources these new organizations also are reflecting their policies of being accessible and of voicing their concerns to the widest possible audience.

The heart of the news is "what's new." Check out these new organizations. It could pay in stories.

What's new, new, new? Turn to sources first, and often, to find out.



Published in Sources, Summer 1992


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